The Best Luxury iPhone Card Cases Money can buy!

Thinner, bigger, glass back…all these adjectives seem like a recipe for disaster when it comes to using our cellphones. In fact, all these things add up to an incredibly breakable device and with phones nowadays costing more than $1000, they can be pricey to repair and worse to replace! So, how do we protect these little investments? A great case. Now, you can go wrapping it in a big, bulky explosion proof case or you can wrap that bad boy in something more premium, svelte nay sexy. These are the best cases you can fit your new iPhone with.

Magnetic Detachable Wallet case from Burkley Case


We are big fans of cases that allow you to free up your pockets and this first offering is one of the best ways to do so! This is so much more than your standard folio wallet case you buy from an accessories kiosk at the mall! This one is handcrafted from premium full grain leather that features three card slots, a cash pocket and a necessary magnetic clasp to hold it all together. But wait, there’s more…

This special magnetic wallet model offers 2-in-1 flexibility in a single case! Functioning as both a wallet and detachable snap on cover. Users can simply remove the phone in the included case when you don’t need the functionality of a wallet case and then snap it back into the folio when you do, and it works incredibly well. This essentially eliminates the need to swap cases to suit your purpose nor unnecessarily use a wallet style case unless absolutely needed!

Wally Case X Series from Distil Union


The Wallycase is a different beast altogether. This snap on leather case wants to eliminate the need for a folio style wallet by adding incredible card holding skill with their unique Wally Pull Tab, where users simply fill the back pocket with as many as 3 cards or some bills and then pull the tab to retrieve them, essentially keeping the cards out of sight when not needed.

The Plush microfiber lining cushions the phone brilliantly too and the vege-tanned leather offers some nice grip and a decent amount of drop protection all at an affordable price.

Full Leather Wallet case by Mujjo


Without a doubt, our favorite of this collection is the leather wallet case by Mujjo. Similar in form to the case form Distilunion, this snap on style case is a winning combination of premium design and superior materials that simply makes this feel luxurious.

Combining two of your daily carry essentials into one sleek package, the case can hold 2 or 3 of your cards, such as ID and bank cards, while still protecting your iPhone and eliminating the need for bulky pockets. The satin like microfiber inner is super soft and protects your phone like a warm blanket, while the premium full grain leather outer offers exceptional grip and an executive style we just love!

The tapered buttons, screen edge protection and elegant craftsmanship just screams quality and while it may come at a price, there is just none other like it. It is that good!

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