Gantri – Designer 3D Printed Lights

Bob Iger once said, “The heart and soul of a company is creativity and innovation”, this is a saying that the team at Gantri know all too well, as they work to provide a platform for creative thinkers to bring their lighting designs to fruition. You see, this isn’t another lighting company, but rather a stage that provides unprecedented freedom to launch original, fully-functional products digitally, from anywhere in the world and it all begins with their own end-to-end manufacturing process using hardware-optimized 3D printing, innovative corn-based materials and meticulous hand-finishing.


Gantri, offers consumers the ability to discover designers from around the world and shop their original products – all in one place. Their advanced design and proprietary 3D printing technology enables designers to create original, high-quality products thanks in part to their own re-imagining of how products are created, produced and sold. This online marketplace allows designers to follow a simple roadmap from concept to launch and make their products available to everyone!


With everything from mood lighting to desk lamps available, we were fortunate enough to try designer Christian Stolarz’s Kubisch table light. The 16-inch monolithic design is comprised of a 3D printed corn-based bio-plastic body with a soft-touch matte finish. There is also a translucent 3D printed PLA six-sided diffuser with protective coating; a fabric cord and convenient dimmer switch. Powering the light is a 9-watt energy efficient LED bulb which casts a brilliant warm yellow glow across the room.


The brilliant design of the Kubisch is quite striking with its playful angled cube and sturdy base that gently holds the corner edge. We received many compliments on the light when we set it up in our offices and many remarked it looked great and could be an anchor point of any office or bedroom. We are particularly fond of the dimmer switch which can help set the right luminance for the room type and could also serve well as a reading light with its subtle hue when used in a bedroom.


With so many choices available at affordable prices, there is a lot to like about Gantri and their offerings. Not only does their design process provide an outlet for creative types, their production method is ecofriendly with significant waste reduction thanks to their 3D printing prowess. Their available lighting designs really is a one stop shop for those that love innovation and are looking for something different that doesn’t break the bank.

Check them out at

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