Knops – Control your Sound!

You have probably heard of the saying – silence is golden – this could not be truer than when you are constantly immersed with unavoidable environmental sound. Whether it be noisy neighbors, crying babies on planes or the shuddering thud of a bass drum at a concert, the truth is, our ears are sensitive to certain sound frequencies. However, what if there was a way to control what sounds you hear and which ones you could tune out? Knops is the volume button for your ears! This acoustic hearing solution gives consumers full control over what sound your ears hear.

Turning knops close up

Knops started its life as a successful Kickstarter project and is essentially a pair of plugs for your ears where you can adjust the volume of incoming sound. Users control sound input using the metal knurling ring that will filter sounds down 10 decibels at a time to a total of 30. With its unique 4 step acoustic filtering, sounds begin at normal volume with settings that can be changed to the volume of a vibrant city, live music or total isolation.

Knops are engineered to be worn in different situations, so you won’t have to worry about the buds falling out of your ears, making these a versatile solution for many environments. Their design is quite striking too with its classic round volume button built around a timeless gramophone cone structure complete with tuned acoustic filters. Working with the natural response of the ear canal, the team at Knops, used good old Physics to create a similar reduction in decibel across all frequencies, creating a very flat response curve and excellent sound quality retention.

One of the best qualities of this analog acoustic hearing solution, is that it does not require any batteries or charging, you just place them in your ears, select the appropriate sound level and go. As we reviewed Knops over the past month, we feel like this is the next step in human evolution. The ability to filter out annoying co-workers, construction noise or just your nagging wife (sorry honey) with the turn of dial feels futuristic and has even made our team more focused and productive.

Knurled knops close-up (1)

To sum up, one of the biggest distractions in our lives is sound, especially sounds we have no control over. So, if you are sick and tired of not being able to hit the off switch on your environment, then you need Knops!

BUY yours here – Knops Volume Control Ear Plugs (Original White)


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