Oclean One Smart Sonic Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are a dime a dozen nowadays and they all work pretty much the same, they provide an above average brushing experience for consumers who care about their dental hygiene. An unfortunate expenditure though, is the additional brush heads, which can retail at $30 or more for the bigger players in this space. The folks at Oclean have heard your cries and want you to have not only a smarter toothbrush but one that can earn you free brush heads from every 3 months!

The Oclean electric toothbrush is one of the nicest brushes we have ever seen, it features a stunning anti-bacterial and waterproof soft touch design with a pearl-esque finish that looks sexy (if there is such a thing). It also comes in three different color designs to suit all tastes including – black, white and pink and features a stunning 60-day battery life with rapid charging.


Powering the brush is an ultrasonic motor the company claims delivers 20% more power or over 42,000 more revolutions per minute versus other brands. This is paired with an impressive diamond shaped Pedex and DuPont Tynex Pro bristles on the brush head that not only feel great on the old gums but offer an impressive clean that we noticed, and we have reviewed a lot of electric brushes.

The real highlight though of the Oclean One is not just hardware, in fact, it is software. Their free proprietary app allows you to sync your brush and its inbuilt sensors that detects motion, angle and pressure or put simply, your brushing habits, and the app will then craft the perfect brushing plan just for your teeth! Better yet, you can even set the brushing mode of the Oclean to cleaning, whitening or massage mode to help meet your daily cleanliness score, which was more fun than we expected. Who doesn’t like to turn brushing your teeth into a game? In fact, it is this cleanliness score that accumulates points to gain you free brush heads.

With a one-year warranty, free brush heads and the promise of a brighter smile when it is all done, there really isn’t a lot not to like about the Oclean One. We could see this application of earning points and brusheads being quite appealing to children too and an area Oclean needs to explore. All in all, this is the smarter choice for anyone that cares about their teeth and wants to have fun doing it.

BUY yours here – Oclean One Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush Black with Pressure Sensor for Adults, Free Brush Heads, 60 Day Battery Life, 3 Brushing Modes, 4 Intensity Settings, with Travel Case Included


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