Tojagrid – Modular Pergola System!

Now that Summer has finally arrived in Toronto, many of us find ourselves shelving those sweaters and coats and opting to spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine. With that, comes the classic lazy afternoon barbecues with friends and family and enjoying the time spent together. One thing, every good backyard needs though, is a little bit of shade and protection from the harsh sun. While there are many options out there including permanent builds, shade sails and even those horrible (two season at best) pop up gazebo types, there is only one true DIY pergola system that not only looks great but adds some class to your outdoor space, that is the Tojagrid.

This simple modular system is unlike many others on the market. Sold in simple do-it-yourself kits, they are made to accommodate any outdoor size space and promise to have you up and running in an hour or less (more on that later). The kit is comprised of all necessary hardware to connect parts to wood posts and is essentially four Solo Pergola Post Bases; four Trio Pergola Corner Brackets and one Pergola Shade, no lumber is included.

The brackets and post bases themselves are brilliantly constructed from super strong 14-gauge steel that is zinc and powder coated and has a stunning Matte black finish with a sand like texture. The included custom fit shade sail is also exceptionally well made and is constructed from 100% HDPE woven fabric that blocks 85% of harmful UVA/UVB rays. Best of all, all parts of the Tojagrid system are Canadian made, which we love, and because this is a modular pergola, it means that you can add all kinds of customization to it, including – side tables, planter boxes and even a hammock!

Despite the many successful installation stories on their Facebook page, we didn’t quite have ours up and running in under an hour, primarily because of an oversized lumber choice but after purchasing the posts and sizing them correctly, putting the Tojagrid together wasn’t any more difficult than advertised. You absolutely need two to three people assisting you, as there is some lifting and shifting required but to Tojagrid’s credit, the wood attached to the brackets with ease, the base posts were very easy to secure and all in all, the hardware provided in the kit was of a very high standard. The shade sail, too, was very easy to install and attach and has already stood up well to some heavy wind and rain. It should be noted though, that as it is semi-permeable, it will not keep the rain out but does dry very fast.

One thing we love about the kit is that they are sold in a plethora of sizes guaranteed to fit the space you need with ease. Lastly, the installation videos, too, are super helpful in establishing the correct order of installation, which was perfect for novices like us.

To sum up, the Tojagrid is a unique product on the market and is perfect for those people that like somewhat simple DIY projects around the backyard. We love the customization of the product, the fit and finish is superb and truly feels like it is built to last which is reassuring. Not only does the Tojagrid look great, it could be the perfect companion to enjoy the Summer with and for that reason it is our product of the month for July!

BUY yours here – TOJA Grid – Pergola Kit with Shade Sail (8 x 10)


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  1. Al Pieroway says:

    you cannot buy dry 4×4 from a big box store, or anywhere that I can find. and if you shave down the ends to ‘make it fit’ then you have issues down the road. this is the part of the Togagrid system everybody, reviewers and Toja alike, gloss over. it’s a flawed system as there is no way to make it right unless you buy the wood a year in advance and let it dry yourself and hope it doesn’t warp. 😦
    too bad, as I really like the simplicity and design otherwise.
    any suggestions on where to find dry 4×4 in Ottawa, ON, Canada as I would love to have this on my deck.


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