MICATON Magnet Driver Series

If you are not the home handyman type and have a primordial skill set when it comes to constructing anything, the MICATON magnet driver series may very well be the answer to all your problems!

The Internationally acclaimed team at MICATON have done something remarkable here and have reinvented the “mouse trap” as they say, by creating a series of products designed to make fixing everyday jobs easier than ever.

Their Magnet Driver line of products have seemingly revolutionized the process of constructing anything using nails or screws with their adaptable magnetized driver bit holder, nail and screw holders. Best of all, they can be used with any existing manual or electric screwdriver too!


Their Magnetized Bit Holder is the first new tool you need in your toolbox, compatible with all their available screw bits, it essentially is an ergonomic handle by which you will use to attach different driver tools used to screw. Their Screw holders are comprised of a powerful neodymium magnetic ring magnet combined with a flexible rubber body, that connect to the Bit holder and provide simplicity, speed and security in everyday DIY tasks, allowing you to work with one hand and avoid screws from falling.

Lastly, their Magnet Driver Set is every handyman’s dream, comprised of a collection of the most commonly used drill bits that can attach to any existing electric screwdriver using the included and sized bit holder, this brilliant kit also includes a convenient magnetized nail holder to avoid those banged thumbs and fingers.


After using these three products to construct pretty much anything we could get our hands on, this truly is a one stop multi-tool that could eliminate trying to find those pesky screwdrivers and necessary bits in the bottom of your toolbox. Snapping on the different bits to the Holder could not be any easier or faster and attaching them to our screwdriver using the magnet driver attachments worked brilliantly. To put it simply, this could speed up those DIY projects you have been putting off because you “didn’t have the right tools for the job” or at the very least force you to tell your wife a different tall tale to stop procrastinating on the honey-do list.

BUY yours here – Magnet Driver Screw-Holder by Micaton | Magnetic Screwdriver Attachment | Fits Screwdrivers and Power Bits | No Wobbling or Falling Screws | Allows Countersinking (Set 17)


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