Vincero Collective – The Rogue Collection

Let’s take a moment and face some hard truths. If you are the type of person that wears suits to work every day, are in a corporate environment and have an image of professionalism to uphold in your workplace, wearing an Apple Watch does not exactly exude style and substance. In fact, that can only come from a watch that is made without taking any shortcuts by a company that is always in pursuit to make the perfect watch, that company is Vincero Collective, and their Rogue line of watches is a testament to this drive.

The name Vincero means ‘I Will Win.’ It’s derived from the famous Italian statement “Veni. Vidi. Vici.” meaning “I came. I saw. I conquered” and this statement encapsulates Vincero Collective as a company. It emphasizes their motivation to always be improving and they achieve this by being hands on in the making of every watch they design and create. Each watch is manufactured in small batches and the company sources all their own premium materials so they can ship directly to your door.

Their Rogue series of watches is designed to be a blending of form and function as it perfectly transitions from work to play in this re-imagining of a sports watch. Built from robust Surgical Grade Stainless Steel combined with 43mm Sapphire Crystal (Scratch Resistant) glass, a dial made of a dynamic “tapisserie” pattern and a comfortable black silicone band; this watch is quite striking and will really turn heads.

Another stunning feature of this line is the brilliant Italian Marble caseback, while not normally an important feature of the watch, it just exudes style and quality and looks amazing. We really liked that the watch is quite thin too at just 12.5mm, this is a good thing, you don’t want it to rule your wrist. Lastly, you also get tried and tested Seiko Mecha-Quartz movement driving the watch plus an impressive 10 ATM water resistance, not always found in wearables of this type.

The Rogue by Vincero Collective is a watch that really shows an attention to detail when it comes to build and quality. It looks and feels luxurious and could be worn day and night. Here’s the thing though, one thing that Vincero Collective does well is make brilliant and stylish watches that go toe to toe with some high-end models, but, not at a premium price. At just $235, this is the watch every man should own and for that reason, it is our Product of the Month!

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