Tuxy Suit

The Labor Day long weekend is all about kicking back, relaxing and spending time with the family and there is no better way to do that than with a little bit of style and flair thanks to Dragon’s Den alumni Tuxy.

So, what is a Tuxy? To put it simply, it is a onesie you will want to wear both in and out of the home. This multipurpose wearable is suitable for everything from going to the gym, fishing, camping or just watching some Netflix in the comfort of your home.

Screenshot_2019-09-02 tuxy touch of modern - Google Search(1)

Unlike traditional onesies that make it look like you are wearing a potato sack, this one has a completely different design aesthetic that we love. First, it is fitted and makes it look like you have a body shape. Secondly, the design makes it look like you are wearing a pair of chic track pants and a hoodie, but they are one and the same. Lastly, it manages to keep the comfort-ability and freedom of the onesie but manages to take away any stigma associated with wearing one.

Screenshot_2019-09-02 tuxy touch of modern - Google Search

You also get some welcome additions that make this more versatile like zippered pockets, a functional hood to protect you from the weather and a reinforced main entry zipper all wrapped up in the brilliant included Tuxy utility bag with a roll top enclosure. They even sell a completely rain proof version for the real outdoor adventurers that require something a little heavier duty.

I have been wearing the Tuxy suit this past month both in and out of the home and to put it simply, I don’t see the need to wear anything else. The Tuxy is stylish, extremely comfortable but more importantly versatile enough that no one will know you are wearing what is largely known as a fashion faux pau and for that we love it. We have worn it to the office, camping and everywhere in between and you will too!

BUY yours here – Tuxy The World’s Best Onesie (XL, Two Tone Grey)


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