BOTTA-design TRES Plus Quartz

There is a mindset that exists in our modern world that newer is better. We often seek out products that appear to look and feel different because that is what we are told to believe is important. However, with this, we often forget about that ever so important classic simplicity that comes from something that just works. Sure, it may not have all the bells and whistles of their competitor’s but when you wear it, it exudes that class and elegance that the others try so desperately to emulate. This is the best way to describe the TRES Plus Quartz watch by Botta-design.

Klaus Botta the designer of the TRES watch has been working in the industry since 1986 and designs innovative yet simple watches that embody the “form follows function” principle. This very concept is what drives BOTTA-design to craft watches that don’t add any more complexity to our day to day lives and allow us to appreciate the value of tradition.

The suitably titled TRES is the third iteration of this classic analogue watch housed in a traditional circular watch face that truly is the showpiece. The suitably large 44mm face is made even more prominent by the strap lugs concealed in the base of the case. There is also some ingenuity in the design here with two beveled flanks on the underside of the case that allow for a freer range of wrist movement as well as better airflow between the watch and wrist. One thing sure about the design, is that the clean aesthetic has been considered by designers down to the finest of details.

The domed sapphire glass, stainless steel build and reassuring 5 ATM water resistance also means this thing can stand up to day to day use like a pro and even the strap too, is available in genuine leather, rubber or steel and is easily replaceable. The TRES plus watch from BOTTA-design is also driven by a Swiss-Made Ronda quartz movement. Unlike the much cheaper “Swiss-Parts” movements, the components in this watch are manufactured and assembled entirely in Switzerland and better yet, the watch comes complete with an assured 2-year warranty.

In a world where manufacturers’ are trying to outdo each other with the latest technology, materials and marketing, it is refreshing when a product comes along that reminds us that simpler is in fact better and that the true test of a product’s worth is more than how big a screen is or how much better the battery is, it just needs to look good on your wrist and work well.

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