Wiplabs TacPen and Slope Tablet Stand

The team behind Wiplabs, is all about showcasing innovation, in fact their online only store is a one stop shop for unique and successfully crowdfunded gadgets that are available to buy right now. We were recently given the opportunity to try two of their newest additions – Slope – a beautiful brushed & anodized aluminum universal tablet stand and TacPen, a tactical survival and self defense pen.

Slope is quite the ingenious product; it is an elegant and minimalistic stand that can accommodate smartphones and tablets up to 12 inches. Crafted from strong and light anodized aluminum, its design motif looks high end and would fit nicely into a product line from say Apple. It should fit modern home decor to a tea. What makes this stand so special though is their patented suction technology that holds the device itself. The attachment itself is essentially a microscopic suction pad that is comprised of a unique foam with thousands of microscopic air pockets that behave like tiny suction cups. When mounting your device, it forces the air out of these pockets creating a strong vacuum like grip.

The real advantage of the Slope stand is that it flawlessly secures your tablet or smartphone and allows users to be truly hands-free in the kitchen, office, or bedroom and simply get more done. The grip is firm but not too firm and the device is easily removed if need be.

Their TacPen is a different beast all together, if the slope is water then the TacPen is fire. Built with survival in mind, this is not your average office pen, it is also an LED flashlight, Glass breaker and Razor knife all built into one!

Made from similar anodized aluminum, to the naked eye, this looks like any standard pen but is designed to save your life in the event of an accident, especially when on the road. While a pen light is not anything new it is handy to have in those late night emergencies but the real highlight for us was the brilliant glass breaker, that can shatter reinforced glass with just a forceful tap with the end of the pen and similarly reassuring is the other end of the device, the razor knife. This will cut through seat belts and ropes like a knife through butter and free you and your loved ones in the event of an emergency.

Wiplabs’ online store truly is a one stop shop for everything a gadget fan could ever need or want. With everything from levitating moon lamps to wireless charging mousepads, let your imagination run wild and look at these and other great offerings.

See more at www.wiplabs.com

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