Hammerhead Karoo Cycling Computer

As January sets in, many of us here in North America start fantasizing of warmer weather and long bike rides and this coming Spring there is simply no better an accessory to augment your cycling experience, than with the Hammerhead Karoo Cycling Computer.

With so many GPS based systems dominating this market, it is nice when a company sets out to not only make ‘another’ option for consumers but rather the best option. The team at Hammerhead are driven by their desire to master their craft and be more valuable, nay purposeful – they want to be best in class. The Karoo is a testament to this vision with their Android based cycling computer that provides sophisticated GPS navigation paired with tangible real-time ride data.

At its heart, the Karoo is a crisp 3.5-inch touchscreen device covered in Corning’s own sturdy gorilla glass bundled up in a stunning aluminum-titanium skeleton that has an impact resistant shell. There is also some impressive and clicky tactile buttons that feel great and it is even water resistant, perfect for when the weather changes its mind mid ride. Also, of note is the clever included mount, allowing for 5-degree tilt visibility when in motion.

Coming back to the display, not only does it provide a welcome HD resolution and above average brightness, it additionally provides cyclists with all kinds of necessary metrics including distance and time. However, you can likewise connect external sensors like ANT+ and Bluetooth devices that will turn this into a supercomputer, capable of tracking everything including heart rate, cadence, and power output too. This is the type of data is what real cyclists crave when they are training, and it is remarkably informative.

One thing we were surprised by with the Karoo, was just how fast it locked onto our position when in Navigation mode, it was faster than our benchmark Garmin Forerunner 945 watch. As well, the turn by turn navigation is also very accurate, seamlessly filtering between road, gravel and mountain bike routes with no missteps in the few months we have used the device. Welcome news to cyclists too, is that Karoo updates their software regularly, so you always have the latest and greatest data to access. Lastly, with 8GB of in-built storage, you also have the capability to download additional maps which is just perfect if you plan on riding while on vacation in other states and countries.

With a 45 day no questions asked risk free trial, the Karoo has never made it easier for novice and advanced cyclists to gather up useful data on their ride. The team at Hammerhead have created, to date, our favorite computer for riding; it provides an all-round better experience with – a better screen, more accurate navigation and a durable build quality that we and others will come to appreciate. So, don’t delay get your Karoo and get riding soon!

BUY yours at https://www.hammerhead.io/products/hammerhead-karoo

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