Brand Spotlight: Anker

For many years now, when it comes to third party charging solutions for our devices, there is only one real household name that has established themselves and found success and an almost cult following in this space and that is Anker. The self-proclaimed leader in charging technology, are not just charging experts but innovators of smart devices for entertainment, travel, and smart homes.

Their impressive portfolio of products includes wireless charging, car charging, and their best-selling portable and wall charging solutions for the modern consumer. More recently they have also found success with some of their subsidiary brands including – Soundcore, Eufy, Nebula and Roav and are quickly establishing themselves as not just charging solution experts but also in smart connected devices, portable entertainment and audio as well as making your vehicle even smarter! We were given the opportunity to try some of their latest offerings and we were seriously impressed!

Let’s start with some of their most popular charging options the – Powercore Slim 10,000 and Powercore+ 26,800. These two generous sized power banks are truly for road warriors and can quickly charge your device from 0 to 100 in a manner of minutes. Certified Safe, both offerings feature what Anker calls: MultiProtect, an 11-point safety system, providing superior protection for you and your devices while generating universally compatible high-speed charging technology. This is thanks in part to Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology that combine to deliver the fastest possible charge for any device, while a unique trickle-charging mode can also charge low-power devices offering incredible versatility. Also, of note, is that each power bank utilises Qualcomm’s advanced Quick Charge 3.0 technology, allowing compatible devices to charge 85% faster.

Now for those wanting a more plug and go solution, their PowerPort Atom III, is a dual port wall charger that can charge all your devices with one USB-C PowerIQ 3.0 port (45W) and one USB-A PowerIQ 2.0 port (15W). This power is made possible by Anker’s vision to swap out silicon for super-efficient gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors, offering a super fast and reliable charge to everything from smartphones to even laptops!

When it comes to sound, Anker also have you covered with their Soundcore Flare Mini and Life q20 wireless headphones. The Flare Mini, is an immersive IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth speaker that truly punches above its weight in sound quality. This is made possible by the inclusion of back-to-back 5W (10W total) neodymium drivers offering 360-degree sound all and is powered by BassUp technology, multi-band DRC, and dual IIR passive radiators. With some serious battery life at about 12 hours and a unique LED halo ring that pulses to your music, this is one of the best and most affordable Bluetooth speaker’s money can buy.

For those seeking a more personalised audio experience, the Life q20 headphones offers an enormous 60 hours of playback in standard music mode with the ability to turn on Hybrid Active Noise Canceling which can detect and cancel out a wider range of low and mid-frequency noises such as cars and airplane engines. These Hi-Res Audio certified headphones also feature custom 40mm dynamic drivers that can reproduce music with rich detail and extraordinary clarity no matter whether you are listening to ABBA or ZZ Top. Lastly, the inclusion of 4 built-in ANC microphones, means you can also take calls on the go.

Lastly, we have some unique smart home and connected devices in the form of their Roav Viva and Eufy Robovac 25c. The Viva is the world’s first Alexa enabled car charger. This unique product not only simultaneously charges two different devices quickly but also brings all the power of Amazon’s own Alexa into your car including the ability to have the device navigate you to your destination, stream music and even order you a pizza! Talk about productivity.

Lastly, is the Eufy Robovac, a Wi-Fi enabled connected robo vacuum that will clean your home with nearly 100 minutes of run time and 1500Pa of Suction Power that can even work on carpet! There is also a clever remote and voice commands with integration with some of the more popular digital assistants. Lastly, the ability to set runtime schedules means you have complete control over when you want and or need your little cleaning hero to save the day!

With these and so many great options by Anker and their subsidiaries, it is understandable how they have become one of the most trusted brands in North America. Their products are exceptionally well built, offer excellent value for money and simply do things smarter than the rest. For these reasons, the next time you need a charging, cleaning, in car or a personal audio experience, look no further than Anker.

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