Arch Refresh Premium Heated Foot Massager

There truly is nothing better than a good foot massage after a long day on your feet. Whether you are an athlete or foot soldier in your workplace, a good foot massage can improve circulation; stimulate relaxation and even promote a better night’s sleep. Unfortunately, not everyone though can afford to keep Sven – the Danish massage therapist – on call all the time. The folks at Inner Balance Wellness have the solution with their Arch Refresh Premium Heated Foot Massager, which can help you relax your tired feet from toes to ankle.

The first thing you notice about the Arch Refresh is its eye catching and modern contemporary design with a relatively small footprint that is perfect for the home or office. It’s simple and intuitive touch controls could not be easier to use, and it offers all of the features a user would want in a good foot massage including – infrared heat, a foot roller, compression and even a light vibration to relax the muscles in your feet and legs.

However, it is the experience of using this device that makes it quite magical. Once setup, you simply slip your feet into the Arch Refresh and it envelops them to provide a gentle yet invigorating massage using a multitude of different techniques to promote deep relaxation. The Arch Refresh massager uses a triple roller system that evenly spreads coverage across the foot while layering in warm infrared heat therapy combined with a kneading roller massage, vibration, and compression. It effectively massages the plantar fascia muscle, in addition to the whole foot, in a mild yet firm way that is quite pleasing.

The unique design of the Arch Refresh means that it is suitable for men and women with various foot lengths up to size 13. Plus, the three adjustable strength settings and massage types available make this a very versatile machine for all types of consumers. To sum up, the team behind this product – Johnson Fitness and Wellness – believe that change is good, but lasting transformation is great and the Arch Refresh is the type of product that could have quite the positive impact on your overall well being in the long term and for that reason alone, is worth the investment!

BUY yours here – Arch Refresh – Premium Kneading+Vibration Heated Foot Massager


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