OROS Endeavour Jacket

While it’s the end of February and the weather outside unfortunately may indeed still be frightful, one company are on a mission to keep you warm and prepared for all that Winter may still have in store. OROS, make high quality clothing for all seasons that allow you to keep enjoying the adventure!

While outdoor apparel companies are a dime a dozen in North America, OROS take a different approach to making their outerwear – they science the hell out of it! They take high quality fabrics and blend it with the latest Aerogel technology developed by NASA to offer the ultimate protection in all types of environments and it works incredibly well!


We were recently given the opportunity to review their very popular Endeavour Ski Jacket. Made from a fully waterproof yet breathable shell of Nylon, Polyester and Elastane, the jacket body and sleeves are insulated with what they call Solarcore – the very same material NASA used to insulate the space shuttles in the -455 F vacuum of space! It is so warm, it has a higher warmth rating than Goose down, retaining its warmth even after compression. Fellow Canadians take note!

One thing that immediately stands out about the Endeavour besides its warmth is the mobility that it offers. Many ski jackets are often rigid and not very pliable making movement tricky on the slopes, but this one bucks that trend and offers features that a true Winter warrior will appreciate including: Interior snow skirt w/gripper elastic; Water resistant zips on the exterior shell; Helmet-compatible hood w/two adjustment points and a welcome Adjustable Velcro cuff tab closure. Best of all, weighing in at less than 50oz, it is lightweight enough to feel comfortable wearing all day long!

To sum up, OROS have you covered no matter what the weather brings with the Endeavour. It is a premium ski jacket that prioritizes mobility and warmth and does so brilliantly. One only must read one of the 187 five-star reviews on their website to know that this one is a winner. If you hate Winter and the cold, this may be your Winter coat for this and next season!

Get yours at https://www.orosapparel.com/products/mens-endeavour-jacket-2019

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  1. Dallas Ludwick says:

    I am so disappointed in OROS. Sexy website. Seemingly great innovation and design. Horrible customer experience.

    I ordered the Endeavour jacket and the Explorer leggings on November 28.
    On Dec 4, I got an email saying that the leggings were on backorder and that my order would now ship on December 28. I did not have my jacket because they were “waiting for the leggings”. They should have sent me my jacket IMMEDIATELY when they realized that the leggings were on backorder.

    Nothing happened. I received nothing. On January 17, my credit card was refunded with no explanation, no contact whatsoever – I am left to just assume that I am getting none of the gear that I purchased?? Two months later???

    To add insult to injury, I see that they now have a “new” model of the Endeavour jacket posted on your website as “Coming soon”.


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