With the pending release of Apple’s own Air Tags, Bluetooth enabled tracking devices to find your keys, wallet and the like are about to become a whole lot more popular. Lutikey, is a new player in this space that is promising something a little different, an emphasis on protecting the ones that you love!

Design wise, Lutikey looks a lot like many other similar offerings on the market, except, it is stealthier looking and easier to conceal with its all black appearance and polycarbonate rubber build. It is also quite light and small at less than half an ounce. The added IP67 water and dust resistance is reassuring as is the massive 1-year battery life, so nothing can stay hidden forever, which we appreciate!


So, what makes Lutikey so different you ask? Using the Lutikey app, it automatically syncs your location with your loved ones too! With an impressive range of 230ft and one touch ring to locate misplaced things, what this essentially means is not only is it easier than ever to find things that you love but your friends and family can always locate you as it automatically registers your last known location and it can be accessed easily through the app and built in map functionality. You can also keep track of travel groups or your family by creating a group on the LutiKey app, for added peace of mind.

One feature we particularly love is the separation alert, so if you tag your valuables or children, soon as you veer away from them or they away from you, you are instantly alerted and can take the necessary steps to relocate your loved ones and things. We also value that you can quickly notify your group that you are OK or need medical assistance by simply holding down the button for 4 seconds, we see this application being vastly important for groups like the elderly or young people living on their own. Lastly, with the inbuilt NFC functionality, users can save their medical information on the app and correspondingly the tag, so if you need urgent care, first responders can scan the tag and get all the pertinent info they need immediately.


To sum up, Lutikey offers some unique features that make this a must have if you or your family value your own safety and don’t want to misplace those items of value. At under $30, there is no better price to pay for real peace of mind.

BUY yours here – LutiKey Tracker – Bluetooth Tracking Device Pack of one

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