Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Security Camera

The thing about “smart” security cameras is that they are not all that smart, often resulting in many false positive notifications which can be frustrating for the average consumer. This often places a question mark on whether it is needed in their home, with many often deciding they are not. Kami want to change the way we think about home security by bringing artificial intelligence into their own home monitoring solution and help us feel safer at home.

Aesthetically the camera is not all that different from others on the market, it is hefty and white and a reminder to any that cross it that you are being watched. However, Kami does bring some welcome improvements to the tried and tested design starting with its IP-65 water-resistance essentially making it impervious to weather elements; a brilliant high definition 110-degree wide angle lens to capture even more in frame at any given time. Lastly, they have powerful and crisp night vision and it looks great.

Inside, we also see Kami’s AI smarts at work with their PIR moton sensor technology that effectively avoids “false positives” caused by flying insects, pets and light changes – it can’t even be fooled by a photograph! Also, precise motion detection that uses their own intelligent vision analysis algorithms to only send alerts when appropriate movement is detected. Also par for the course is clear two-way audio within their proprietary app.

Speaking of the app, it is not all that great sadly with many of our team remarking that it was temperamental and even had issues with multiple logins across multiple devices. Performance wise, while we loved the picture quality, the audio in our testing often came across as garbled, at first, we thought it was a connectivity issue but even after changing the router, it remained. We did however like Kami’s take on battery, with its own twist on/twist off technique to access the four rechargeable batteries embedded within, you even get the charger in the box! Very cool. It is also worth noting that Kami offers cloud storage of your recordings for a small fee should you need it.

After using the Wire-Free Outdoor Camera by Kami this past month, we are pleased to say that it does work reasonably well, despite our few gripes which could be firmware related and fixed with a software update. The image quality is very clear, the night vision is a revelation and setup were a breeze even with their blah app.

If you are looking for an affordable outdoor home monitoring solution, this should be on your radar this Spring.

BUY yours here – https://store.yitechnology.com/collections/smart-home-security-cameras/products/kami-wire-free-outdoor-camera

Or here:

Kami Smart Outdoor Security Camera, 1080p 2.4G Home Camera with Human Detection, Starlight Night Vision, Time Lapse, Activity Zone – kami/YI Home App


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