tp-link Deco X60 Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

Chances are the only way you have managed to survive being stuck at home the past few months, because of Covid, is your ability to access the online world through your home Wi-Fi network. However, as many have discovered, there are many limitations when it comes to signal, speed and network load when the whole family is trying to use it at the same time. The folks at tp-link have the solution with a whole home mesh Wi-Fi system that features the latest Wi-Fi 6 protocol and can cover a home up to 7000 sq. ft with fast and reliable service.


The Deco X60 is the latest in a line of superb mesh networking products for home use by tp-link with refinement and 2020 technology upgrades being the name of the game with this one. The X60 features 3 redesigned cone shaped access points placed around your home that cover approximately 2000 sq. feet of broad, powerful and fast dual band Wi-Fi with six simultaneous data streams thanks in part to the 4 internal antennas per Deco unit, a welcome improvement over their competitors’ offerings. With its powerful Qualcomm quad core processor, each unit also offers users 2 LAN/WAN Gigabit Ethernet Ports to hardwire devices directly into each access point and features all of the most recent wireless standards including IEEE 802.11 ax/ac/n/a 5 GHz, IEEE 802.11 ax/n/g/b 2.4 GHz, plus WPA-PSK WPA2-PSK, WPA3 wireless security.


You also get some serious upgrades to your wireless signal including MU-MIMO support and Auto Path Selection which ensures effective back and forth data transmission to all devices without loss of signal. There is also Band Steering, BSS Color and Beamforming which guarantees that each connected device receives the strongest possible signal on the appropriate wireless band. Plus, OFDMA technology which lets your router communicate more data to more devices with lower latency. One thing we love about the Deco system is that it is also auto healing, meaning if one of your satellites happens to drop out, signal is automatically re-routed between the other receivers to reduce downtime which is especially needed during these times of working from home.

Another area the Deco impresses is with output speed, the x60 is armed with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology that you are going to hear a lot more about, put simply it delivers a huge boost in coverage, speed, and total capacity. In our usage case, the system is supposed to pump out up to 2402 Mbps (5 GHz) and 574 Mbps (2.4 GHz) and non surprisingly, these were very accurate estimates. I was easily able to get between 350-350 on 2.4Ghz devices and up to 850 across the 5Ghz which is very good on my home gigabit connection, although results may vary. Part of these results is also due to inclusion of tp-link’s own Adaptive Routing Technology (ART) that enables each Deco unit to speak to each other seamlessly and always pick the fastest path. It also worth noting that the x60 also supports IPv4 and IPv6. This combination of features means that you will always have the most reliable and strong signal and speed throughout your whole home.

tp-link-deco-x60-3-of-14 (1)

Last but certainly not least is the robust set of system, security and parental controls the system offers including what tp-link call Quality-of-Service (QoS) – a feature that allow owners to prioritize wireless devices and activities for faster performance when it’s needed. There is also the integration of other features in demand with families like plug & play setup, parental controls and anti-virus. Their parental controls and anti-virus protection at the router level are performed by industry leaders Trend Micro and come as a package under HomeCare. The main differences from other competitive products is user experience. The Deco’s parental controls give system owners the flexibility to categorize wireless devices under a single user profile (most systems only allow control for individual devices) and control all the wireless devices in the profile by allocating internet time, pausing online access, etc.

To sum up, tp-link have delivered on their promise once again to provide home mesh networking solutions for families that simply work while providing the speed and reliability to get any and all tasks done, even if you are stuck at home.

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