Trading Post Jerky

Try not to drool over your phone, tablet, or computer on this next one… imagine a world where you can eat delicious Smoky Barbecue Brisket or Sriracha Smoke Style Brisket Beef? What about some Old Fashion Maple or classic Applewood Smoked Bacon – while this may seem like the menu for a great barbecue restaurant, these are some of the latest sensations from the Trading Post Jerky Company, and trust us, one piece is never quite enough.

What makes Trading Post Jerky so special is not just the brilliant varieties of jerky they sell but also the fact that it is made with no added preservatives or MSG, no nitrates, no nitrites, no fillers, and no binders of any kind. Sourcing only the best hickory-smoked beef brisket and premium seasoned uncured bacon, the folks at TPJ have created the perfect gluten-free snack that can best be described as a gourmet culinary experience everyone must try.

Handmade in New York, USA in small batches, we were given the opportunity to try three of their most popular flavors – Garlic Pepper, Teriyaki, and Mango Habanero and without overselling it: we haven’t looked at jerky the same way since. To give you some context, since One Cut’s conception we have reviewed some big names in the jerky business, each with their unique spin on this cured meat delicacy. However, this was the first jerky we have ever tried that we could not walk away from after trying the first piece and ended up finishing the samples in one sitting.

The jerky that Trading Post creates is not only very flavorful and balanced but supremely tender and not chewy like some other offerings we have tried. With 12 months of shelf life, jerky is often overlooked as a snack food but what sets TPJ apart from their competitors is that theirs is low in sodium and fat, which is good for our COVID waste line right now. We also love that there is no added MSG or preservatives and manages to provide that nice jolt of protein and energy in the late afternoon your body and brain needs after a busy workday.

Our favorite was the Garlic Pepper and understandably, we now see why it is a fan favorite. It has just the right blend of spices that will have your taste buds jumping for joy. While we didn’t get a chance to try their bacon this time around, if it is anywhere near the quality of their beef jerky, it may be time to put on the stretchy pants.

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