Gatekeeper Halberd – Wireless Access Key

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important in the industrialized world. From accessing your digital workplace, banks, and even our social media our brains inevitably filled with a plethora of passwords to access the different areas in our lives that matter the most. The folks at Gatekeeper have the solution with their secure key fob that provides hassle-free login experiences by eliminating the need to type or remember passwords.

Gatekeeper’s patented technology works to increase security and reduce support costs with their touchless, proximity-based two-factor computer authentication and centralized enterprise password management through the use of their wireless security key. Using the latest in Bluetooth technology, a durable waterproof design, and a replaceable 6 months of battery life, their fob uses adjustable proximity range for auto-authentication to combat security vulnerabilities. This works to prevent things such as phishing attacks by logging users in and out and preventing sensitive data from being stolen.

By having the Halberd on you, it essentially eliminates the need to input logins and passwords to access your data. Better yet, multiple credentials can be stored on the device at one time, and once set up, the device will unlock your computer when in range (which is adjustable) and log you out when you walk away. By having the key in your possession, it also allows for secure connections to workstations when working remotely with its unique identifier and 2-factor authentication for added security.

After using the Halberd for the past few weeks and comparing it to my usual password manager provided by ESET Smart Security, I will admit that it has reduced the amount of time needed to input login credentials and passwords in the workplace. According to Gatekeeper, we spend between 6-8 hours doing so per month, so the way I see it, I just gained a workday back time-wise. I have also become quite accustomed to the brilliant proximity authentication, I just have to walk within 10 feet of my computer and it automatically signs me in and I am ready to go. Additionally, it gives me an added level of protection when I walk away from my desktop knowing that it will lock my workstation until I return, no more office worker pranks, and d**k pics being sent from my email. Plus there is the added benefit of having all my credentials on hand at any given time, so I am always prepared for whatever the day throws at me.

To sum up, Gatekeeper has created a tool that every modern workplace didn’t know they needed. It ensures that employees follow the best security practices and adhere to compliance standards by securing unattended workstations and maintaining strong passwords. In a world where personal and corporate data is stolen every day, this is a welcome added level of protection.

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