Human Headphones

Sometimes products stumble across our desks that are so new and innovative, we cannot help but stop and take a moment to admire their uniqueness, perhaps even their quirkiness. Unlike anything else on the market today, this is exactly the reaction we had when we stumbled across the Human Headphones by Human Inc.

In short, the Human Headphones are a one of a kind truly wireless over the ear headphone, a first of its kind, that delivers some serious sound quality, but more on that later. Aesthetically, they will turn heads, looking like a svelte pair of earmuffs without the headband (which may be beneficial with Winter coming) this unique audio listening tool sits over the top of the ear and offers consumers an ultra-secure fit and all-day wearability as they are just that comfortable. We are big fans of how the two ear cups snap together magnetically and by design offer some welcome noise isolation.

Par for the course with most wireless earphones is swipe gestures and these are no different; you can adjust the volume, switch tracks and go into an ambient sound mode, just by touching the earpads. Of note here is also the Human App which offers additional functionality such as the ability to translate different languages on the go and if that is doesn’t impress you, they can even snap back together and function as a pretty capable Bluetooth speaker. It is obvious the team at Human Inc. placed a lot of priority on R&D when it came to these bad boys.

when it comes to paving a new path in the audio space, risks must be taken, and we think the right moves were made here

Sound quality too is excellent with the Human Headphones, because they sit over the ear and each cup is essentially a small speaker and driver, it pumps some serious sound into your ear cavities, delivering excellent volume, albeit some sound leakage does occur at higher volumes. However, they do have excellent bass and deliver on a fuller, crisper sound that is a welcome change from the tinny in your ear type that we are accustomed to.

The biggest hurdle the folks at Human Inc have with this new product is convincing people that these are a better option than the Airpods of the world. Do they look a little strange? Sure, but when it comes to paving a new path in the audio space, risks must be taken, and we think the right moves were made here. If you want a pair of headphones that are uber comfortable, have great sound, and are different than the electric toothbrush head style we have become accustomed to, these are a definite buy this holiday season.

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