The Best of CES 2021

This past week, The Consumer Electronics Show or CES went virtual to showcase all the latest and greatest new tech. that is heading consumers’ way.

For the unaccustomed, CES showcases more than 4,400 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems, and more; a conference program with more than 250 conference sessions and more than 170,000 attendees from 160 countries.

With 11 official venues, CES spans more than 2.9 million net square feet of exhibit space and features 36 product categories and 22 Marketplaces. It is also an exciting time for us tech reviewers because we get a sneak peek of what is on the horizon in 2020 and beyond.

Below, we have compiled a list of the best new products from this years’ show.

TCL 6-Series 8K Television

Yes, you read that right! Featuring an improved AiPQ Engine and OD Zero Mini-LED backlighting to power 8K image upscaling, TCL is bringing top of the line image quality and resolution to its very affordable line of TVs.

Rumored to be priced below $1000 which is unheard of in this space, TCL continues to pave its path in this competitive space by offering consumers their Roku powered sets to the masses offering all the smart functionality a modern television brings in this new world of online streaming during a pandemic.

Razer Project Hazel

Imagine if a gaming company made a facial mask, no this is not hypothetical, it just happened! This prototype new product from Razer comes powered by LEDs and their Chroma software so you can personalize your mask with whatever color scheme you wish.

However, this is not just a mask that lights up it also has a brilliant clear plastic faceplate, so your nose and mouth are visible for easier communication and lights to keep your mouth illuminated in low light conditions.

To complete the package, a reusable N95-grade filter flanks either side to filter air coming in, and a built-in “voice amplifier” de-muffles your voice and adds welcome clarity in conversation.

myQ Pet Portal

2021 also saw the rise of the smart doggy door. Designed to replace your existing door in its entirety, the myQ Pet Portal will automatically detect when your dog approaches the door thanks to their ingenious myQ Pet Portal sensor and will open elevator-style wide enough to let your little furry friend in or out.

Homeowners can also set the system to notify them when their pet wants to go outside and can activate the door remotely if preferred. Also of note is that the Pet Portal comes with two cameras, one on each side of your door as well as a set of speakers and a microphone if you feel the need to talk to or reassure your little pup.

Best of all, the Pet Portal can accommodate everything from tiny 10-pound dogs to beastly 90-pound hounds!

Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum

Someone finally did it, a smart vacuum and mop combination! Goodbye housework! In what may be our favorite new release at CES, this little gem wants to make cleaning your home even easier.

Heralded as the world’s first sonic mopping system, The S7 is powered by a massive 5200 Mah battery and has a vacuum at the front and a mop in the rear, so it can vacuum and mop as it moves.

With versatile high-intensity scrub settings ranging from 1,650 to 3,000 times per minute, it can tackle whatever has marked your floor with ease and the built-in VibraRise technology automatically detects and lifts the mop just before it moves on to carpeted areas and returns to its dock when it’s done.

The cherry on top being the accompanying smartphone app, which enables you to set cleaning schedules and even use the in-built voice assistant to command it where you want it to go.

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