Simply the best Apple Watch Bands!

If you are a fan of the Apple ecosystem, chances are accompanying your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook is an Apple Watch. It has become a status symbol for the elite and sends a message to the world that you value being your health and connectivity at the same time. Finding bands for your Apple Watch can be as simple as a trip to the kiosk in the mall but the adage you get what you pay for holds true when it comes to design, fit, and function. To us, if you are spending $350+ on a watch, you deserve the best band for it too and no company does it better than Nomad.

Nomad began as a Kickstarter project in 2012. Brian Hahn & Noah Dentzel met in Santa Barbara, California, and set out with a vision of creating a minimalist iPhone cable that would seamlessly integrate into your everyday carry. ChargeCard, Nomad’s first product, launched on Kickstarter on July 18th, 2012. Like many start-ups, they relied on help from friends, family, and strangers to bring Nomad from concept to reality. Fast forward nearly 10 years and Nomad continues to innovate with new products and new designs, while at the same time keeping true to its roots. Using only the highest quality, longest-lasting materials available, they design all their products from the ground up, from the Horween Leather they use for their phone cases and Apple Watch straps to the rugged Kevlar® construction of their cables, Nomad products are built to last. Here are our 3 tiers of Nomad Apple watch bands you should consider.

Top Tier: Titanium Band

If you are looking for a high-end metal link bracelet that turns your Apple Watch into a fashion accessory for the business or casual professional with the strength to match, it doesn’t get much better than this.

This stunning band made from high-grade Titanium has a unique DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Scratch Resistance and custom stainless-steel lugs that truly level up the experience of wearing your watch. The band itself is adjustable thanks to the included tool in the box and one thing that we have come to appreciate is just how lightweight and comfortable it feels on the wrist. This surprised us.

Over the time we have worn the band, it has also shown itself to be quite robust against everyday wear and tear such as unexpected bangs on door frames, drop on wooden tables, and even being thrown around in a gym bag. At $199, it may not be cheap, but man does it look great!

Mid Tier: Active Watch Strap Pro

For those wanting that premium look and feel of leather but also want the added reassurance of some water protection from those sweaty workouts, the Active Watch Strap Pro is your band.

Made from next-generation waterproof Heinen leather from Germany, the band features 316L stainless steel lugs and buckle and looks very classy. The inner of the band features FKM fluoroelastomer rubber lining and interior ventilation channels allowing the band and your skin to breathe during intense workouts.  

We also love that this band strikes the perfect blend between professional style and the robustness of a silicone band making it the perfect accompaniment to everything from business to athletic attire. The leather construction not only looks and feels great but as it is also waterproof, it means that saltwater, sweat, dirt, and sand are all easily wiped off without damaging the strap’s waterproof nature. Put simply, this is the best option for those seeking longevity and versatility from their Apple Watch band. At $79.95, this may be the reasonable option to go for.

Budget Tier: Sport Strap

For those seeking the most price-friendly everyday option out of their band, the latest edition of Nomad’s Sport Strap has got you covered.

Made from FKM fluoroelastomer rubber that is 100% waterproof, this light and supremely comfy band is made for all-day reassurance. With interior ventilation channels that allow your wrist to breathe and a versatile Pin and Tuck closure that allows quick fastening and removing, it is so good, we believe it is the band that should have been sold with the watch!

One thing that this band does better than the rest is how well it conforms to the shape of your wrist, it is very minimalist and sometimes we do not even notice it is on. So, if you are someone that tracks your sleep with your watch, this may be the one to wear. It feels great.

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