Coolpo AI Huddle Pana – 4K Video Conferencing Camera.

In the world of business, tele and video conferencing sucks! Issues surrounding audio volume, video quality, and the fact that there are usually multiple people in the room at once, most solutions just cannot accommodate this type of setup. Until now. The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is a 360-degree movable A.I powered teleconferencing camera that offers impressive 4K quality video resolution and stereo sound as it actively tracks the person who is talking.  

Looking a lot like a smart speaker from Google or Apple, the AI Huddle Pana features a unique 360-degree fisheye camera lens paired with 4 microphones and mounted on top of a powerful stereo speaker and it looks great. The camera with its F2.4 aperture and 1.56 mm focal length can output up to 4K video quality but is also self-controlled thanks to the embedded AI technology that allows the device to pan, tilt, and zoom video to ensure whole group visibility. It is also capable of picking up audio up to 15 feet thanks to unique beamforming algorithms that ensure the best sound output is achieved each time.

The intelligent visual technology that Coolpo uses also works to correct video quality during calls with some efficient digital noise reduction, exposure, and white balance compensation which worked very well in our testing. Images were always crisp and color correct. The folks behind the Huddle Pana also thought about device security, the camera is plug and play but does not feature Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, ensuring all data are transferred locally to your PC only. This is especially reassuring to those companies who deal with sensitive and private corporate data on the daily.

In our daily use, we found the AI Huddle Pana camera to be very effective in allowing our team collated in a board room to communicate over video conferencing with prospective clients. The device had no trouble tracking who was speaking and adjusted the camera accordingly so that they were always in frame. We found this translated to a more personable experience between each member and client which is quite different from just one of us being framed or a camera mounted showing a blurry mess of people with equally poor sound. We can also see this type of device being great for communicating with extended family separated by some distance.

To sum up, the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is a new type of technology in the video conferencing space, it effectively resolves many of the hang-ups this type of technology has and improves them with superior sound and video quality and for that reason, we highly recommend this product to any business or family in need of a more effective way to communicate from afar.

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