Koup Cinnamon T-Shirt

With the rise of fast fashion, products are becoming less durable and textile wastes are created at an astonishing pace, with landfills being the most common destination. With manufacturing having such an impact on our immediate environment, many are turning to more sustainable environmentally friendly products and our new favorite must be the Cinnamon T-shirt by Koup.

As the name implies, the tee is in fact made from cinnamon as well as up to eight recycled plastic water bottles on average. The folks behind this brilliant creation – Koup – are taking a stance against the status quo and are striving for change by offering consumers performance without sacrificing sustainability. Designed as performance wear, the cinnamon t-shirt is made from a stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric that serves beautifully as a base layer or light weight shirt for working out in those summer months.

The tee is in fact made from the recycled polyester from plastic water bottles and cinnamon extract is added for its naturally anti-microbial properties and works to inhibit the growth of odor producing bacteria. This serves as an alternative to the heavy chemicals used to treat athletic wear, most of which finds its way into our water supply after just a few washes.

Available in both men’s and women’s sizes and in a plethora of colors and styles, we were pleasantly surprised at just how well Koup has also managed to nail the fit and finish of their shirt. There are serious goldilocks affects happening here as not only is the cinnamon tee supremely lightweight but also just the right length even on my 6’1 frame. It also keeps you very dry as it so breathable and even in my toughest training sessions I still felt very comfortable and not like I had fallen into a pool.

To sum up, we are big fans of what Koup is doing here. With their sustainable eco practices at the forefront of their business, it is nice to see a clothing company that genuinely cares about the Earth and their impact on it. It also does not hurt that their t-shirts are also supremely comfortable and well made. So, if you are looking to upgrade your dusty old active wear, look no further than Koup.

Get yours at https://www.koup.co/

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