Koup Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirt

Fall and Winter can be a great time to get out and explore the beautiful cold North, but keeping warm for long periods of time can be challenging, especially when getting a workout in. The Base Layer shirt from Koup is your first level of resistance when it comes to layering up. Their Base Layer is a lightweight and naturally anti-odour resistant product that is manufactured responsibly & is also eco-friendly.

This Base Layer shirt is a little different than other offerings on the market and is in fact made from 100% natural cinnamon which is used to replace harmful chemical coatings that often end up in our drinking water, as well, up to eight recycled plastic water bottles on average also go into its creation. The folks behind this brilliant creation – Koup – are taking a stance against the status quo and are striving for change by offering consumers performance without sacrificing sustainability.

Designed as performance wear, the stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric serves beautifully as a foundational layer and is incredibly comfortable to wear. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes and styles, we love how well Koup has managed to nail the fit and finish of their shirts. There is a serious goldilocks affect happening here as not only is the base layer lightweight and breathable, but it also manages to be just the right length, not too long and not too short, even on my 6’1 frame. It also keeps you very dry with the flat seams moving smoothly against your skin and the modified crew neck adding some welcome enhanced comfort and doesn’t stretch out after use.

Koup continues to impress with their Base Layer shirt, with their sustainable eco practices at the forefront of their business, it is nice to see a company that seems to genuinely care about their impact on the environment. Their shirts are pretty good too 😊

BUY yours here – Koup Women’s Cinnamon Base Layer Breathable Anti-Odor Lightweight Quick-Dry Long Sleeve Skiing Hiking Undershirt Jet Black


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