Spark Catch

When I was a kid, I loved baseball. We would play from sunup to sundown always disappointed that we couldn’t play in the dark like our favorite teams under the stadium lights. It turns out we weren’t the only ones who felt this way because the folks at Spark Catch have handcrafted a brilliant product that aims to satisfy the fan in us all, a baseball that lights up in the night.

You see, Spark Catch looks and feels like a real baseball, with a genuine leather outer and official league quality cotton stitching and dimensions, however, this isn’t your ordinary ball. Built inside the ball is a hollow chamber that houses a battery-powered light tube with four super bright LED lights that illuminate the ball from the inside out making the stitching appear to glow in the darkness of night.

It is also designed to withstand the usual barrage of throws and hits that a regular baseball might see in its lifetime. Spark Catch claims it has been tested with pitching at a velocity of up to 86 mph. In our testing, we threw it, hit it, and even tossed it into mits repeatedly and it held up exceptionally well over the past month. It was also quite a sight to see in the darkness of a baseball field at night, without the lights, as it flies in a streak of colored luminescence, it felt almost poetic.

Spark Catch comes in four different colors – Ice Blue, Neon Green, Ultraviolet Purple, and Ruthless Red and as with many products like this, as Kevin O’Leary might describe as the “better mousetrap”, it is the type of product you don’t realize you need until you use it and then you can’t put it down. To quote my 9-year-old baseball obsessed son, it was the “greatest thing he has ever seen” and if that is not a big enough endorsement for it, I don’t know what is.

BUY yours at SPARK CATCH Light Up Baseball, Glow in The Dark Baseball. Baseball Gift for Boys, Kids, and Baseball Fans. Solution for Playing Catch at Night (Neon Green)


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