The Best New Accessories for the iPhone 13 Series

Chances are you are rocking a new smartphone this January and old Saint Nick was pretty good to you. As we covet these new daily distractions, one can’t help thinking about the best ways to outfit these smart devices to accommodate our day-to-day protective needs. Here is a sampling of our favorite smartphone accessories for the iPhone 13 Series.

Let’s start with the screen because there isn’t any better choice than the SCREENFORCE™ UltraGlass Treated Screen Protector from Belkin. This ‘ultra’ glass screen protector is a first-of-its-kind and 2x stronger than Tempered Glass made possible by a proprietary double ion-exchange process. This unique glass treatment allows for sodium ions to be exchanged for lithium ions into the deeper layers of the glass, increasing durability and preventing surface cracks.

It is also precision cut and remarkably thin to not reduce touch sensitivity and layered with an antimicrobial and anti-fingerprint coating that repels dirt, smudges, and bacterial growth. Lastly, it has a brilliant foolproof hinge-based install process that could not be any easier.


For those seeking an ultra-thin, grippy, and protective case, you cannot go past Caudabe’s lineup of iPhone 13 cases. For the unaccustomed, Caudabe ‘s pursuit of minimalist perfection has led them to design cases that combine a sleek, understated design with smart functionality.

Quickly becoming a household name in the smartphone accessories market, their Sheath case for iPhone 13 is under 1mm thick but offers some reassuring 6 ft drop protection.

Made from their proprietary Shocklite polymer, not only is this case compatible with wireless charging but also offers a very welcome textured grip that feels great in the hand. It also now has an integrated magnet array to provide full compatibility with all MagSafe accessories.

For those seeking the ultimate matte clear case, then you must check out their Synthesis line. Available in both black, grey, and navy colorways, the case is made from the same shock-absorbent material but features a matte transparent micro-etched backplate that allows that stunning Apple logo to shine through.

This one is also even more protective with its raised edges around the perimeter of the screen, grippable laser-etched diamond pattern on the sides, and very subtle bumps on the back four corners that raise your iPhone slightly off the surface to protect the back from abrasions.

Lastly, the Lucid clear case is for those that want to show the beauty of the new iPhone. Made from the same impact-resistant thermoplastic polymer used in bulletproof glass, this crystal-clear case is quite the looker and will give you the protection you need and show the world your new iPhone. If you are about style and substance, these three offerings from Caudabe are truly excellent.


For those seeking something a little different, the Twelve South BookBook Case has you covered.  The term “BookBook” is synonymous with the brand because of its unique take on a folio case that looks and feels like a leather-bound book. This year Twelve South had added some welcome changes that make this an even better buy for new iPhone users.

BookBook holds both in the form of a mini leather book your bank cards, ID, and cash conveniently on one side, with the iPhone on the other. However, this is not your usual folio-style case because the iPhone can be detached and reattached to the case using a brilliant magnetic design which means when you don’t need the wallet portion, you can take your iPhone on the go. The beautiful leather-inlaid shell also provides five-sided protection and is now MagSafe compatible, meaning when you need to charge your phone or attach an accessory you just remove the shell case and phone from the folio and return it when you are done.

We simply love the design of the case with a clear window slot for your I.D, its hardback rigid spine to protect from drops a clever magnetic tab to keep the case closed. However, its greatest feature is that it is incredibly discrete and does not look like an iPhone case at all which adds a welcome extra layer of security for would-be thieves.


Lastly, when you want to outfit your new phone in only the best, Nomad is always our first port of call. Now, if you are a fan of leather, why not wrap your phone in a brilliant leather case too? Their classic and well-received Rugged case will give you the premium look, is Magsafe compatible, and will offer some serious protection with its high-grade polycarbonate body, bonded to a raised TPE bumper. Wrapped in supple Horween leather, this case offers impressive 10ft of drop protection but also exudes class as it naturally patinas with use.

Their Modern Leather folio is equally impressive, offering many of the same features but seamlessly blends your wallet and cellphone into a beautiful and slim folio design. With 3 card slots and 1 cash slot, this folio offers ample storage for your essentials, is also compatible with Magsafe, has dual lanyard attachment points, and similar 10 ft of drop protection. This is one of our favorites.

Finally, is Nomad’s new Sport Case which features an ultra glossy backplate bonded to a brilliantly grippy TPE bumper. It too is compatible with MagSafe but also features a built-in Digital Business Card and clicky metal buttons. Best of all, this clever everyday carry case comes with 6ft of drop protection designed in subtle Californian coastline hues that compliment any outfit and look great!


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