A Winter with Fresh Clean Tees

Last Summer when we discovered tees from Fresh Clean Tees our world changed, we had finally found a super soft, comfortable, and properly fitted tee that worked well with everything from cargo shorts, jeans, and even under a suit jacket. It was a revelation none of our team at One Cut Reviews ever expected. Well now that Winter is here, let us look at some of their warmer options.

For the unaccustomed, Fresh Clean Tees take a simple no-frills approach to create quality men’s basics to help you look good and feel great. They have achieved this by creating not only comfortable and stylish apparel but also have made it incredibly affordable for the average consumer to empower people everywhere to look and feel their best.

Sold in both individual purchases and variety packs, Fresh Clean Tees offers consumers every style they could wish for including tanks, polos, henley’s, hoodies, and our new Fall/Winter favorite long sleeve. They are made from an uber comfortable blend of 60% ringspun cotton and 40% polyester which they call their StratuSoft fiber blend and the reason they have become a viral sensation (despite some solid marketing) is that not only do their tees hold their shape longer because of the way they are made, but even after washing, they are still incredibly soft and feel great.

The best thing about their current offerings is their versatility, as the weather dips below zero here in Toronto, I find myself constantly reaching for their long sleeve tee because it can be layered with pretty much anything and still look stylish. We are big fans of the included side seam which gives it a classy look and have been impressed by the longevity of the collar and hem which hasn’t curled up, stretched out, or shrunk over the past few months washing and wearing. Oh, and let’s not forget about their new sock line, if you think their tees are soft, your feet will thank you once you step into a pair of their socks which cradle your foot like you were sinking it in the belly of a stuffed teddy bear made of cotton.

We were similarly impressed with their Henley tees which we didn’t get to cover last time. With a similar StratuSoft build, three-button placket, and contrasting signature red stitching on the top button, this one just hits different. It is perfect for a night out and punches above its weight in style but still retains that business casual look we have come to expect and love. Last and certainly not least are their zip-up and pullover hoodies, these are perfect for when you want to cozy up on the couch or dress it down for comfort. They are made from a similar super soft poly-cotton blend but manage to keep a slim form factor and are not bulky which we love.

To sum up, Fresh Clean Tees continues to impress us with clothing that is versatile, super soft but most importantly fits just right. We can’t say that about every brand of tee we have reviewed especially ones that claim “to not shrink in the wash” but we will always recommend our new One Cut favorite Fresh Clean Tees to any male or female looking for the ultimate in comfort and style.

Get yours at https://freshcleantees.ca/


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