Omnia Orb Radiation Balancer

Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere, it is omitted by the products we engage with most on a daily basis such as television, computer, and smartphone screens. However, we often fail to recognize the adverse effect it is having on our well-being. The folks at Omnia have created a simple solution that peels and sticks to the devices that we use the most to help your energy fields stay balanced.

Peer-reviewed studies have shown EMF or Electromagnetic Fields are commonly associated with many negative side effects on our health such as headaches, anxiety, suicide and depression, nausea, fatigue, and loss of libido. While many may see this as a necessary risk in our digital world, negating this issue has been a point of discussion since the creation of the first computer decades ago. As 5G towers litter our streets and satellites flood our skies, our modern lives are becoming bombarded with more microwave radiofrequency energy at a volume that our bodies have never been exposed to. No one is sure what effects this will have.

The folks at Omnia have designed a wearable and/or peel and stick EMF protection solution to tackle what is often referred to as – dissonance. Put plainly, the vibration of all wireless radiation is not in coherence with that of the human body, often resulting in ‘imbalanced’ energy fields. When there is a meeting of the two wavefields (the wireless radiation and the human body), which spin with different rhythms and with different ‘balance and centeredness’, this often results in the body reacting adversely. You see, what Omnia’s stickers and pendants do is create a match between the vibration of the EMF Field and the energy field of the body. This creates the sensation of resonance. Each product is imprinted with conscious energy technology (which they call Deca Energy) to create this harmony between the two fields of ‘energy, frequency and vibration’.

Now, we know what you are thinking – is this some new-age hocus pocus? No, for the last 25 years scientists from around the world have been studying the effects of low frequency, non-ionizing radiation and hundreds of papers have shown there are causes for concern. However, the team behind Omnia, through a variety of alternative testing methods such as automatic response testing, heart rate variability, water crystal photography, applied kinesiology and live blood analysis, have achieved remarkable results to show the efficacy of their 5G protection products.

When the ORB Sticker is attached directly to a radiating device such as a cellphone, the energy in the sticker connects with the microwave radiation and returns the magnetic zero point of the wavefield to its geometric center. Now, that radiation field is in resonance with the body. And when you wear an ORB Pendant, its energy field brings the body’s electrical energy field back to ‘balance and centeredness’.

In closing, this is the type of product that could revolutionize our understanding of personal health soon. The effects of EMF are a very real thing so being proactive and taking steps to protect yourself, using these products from Omnia, is probably the best way forward, so what are you waiting for?

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