Best Google Pixel 6/6 Pro Cases

I think we can all agree that Google hit it out of the park with their Pixel 6 release this year, especially when it comes to design, camera, price, and integration of their custom Tensor chipset. Frequent software updates have quickly turned this into our favorite Android phone. So, if longevity is the name of the game when it comes to these investments in technology, every phone needs a great case and below are our recommendations for the best ways to protect your Pixel.  

Pela Case

Pela, create eco-friendly smartphone accessories that not only make you feel good about buying them, but they are good too! They bring to the table a sense of global; awareness and consciousness of the impact of our choices all the while being courageous enough to explore creativity. Put simply, they want to inspire people to make a positive impact on the environment.

Their truly sustainable cases are 100% compostable while offering some serious protection for your Pixel 6 smartphone.  What makes their case so revolutionary is that their case production uses 25% fewer carbon emissions, 35% less water usage, and 70% less waste production than conventional plastic smartphone cases.

Made from Flax shive and a plant-based biopolymer, the case is flexible, smooth, and grippy like a silicone case and offers precision cuts around speakers, charger, volume, and power buttons and has been carefully designed to wrap around edges to protect the front of your phone. Best of all, when your phone reaches its end of life, the case will not end up in landfills.

Bellroy Leather Case for Pixel

For those seeking a luxurious case to compliment their new device, only leather will do! Bellroy have you covered.

Their specific partnership with Google on the release of the Pixel 6 has resulted in their most popular phone case release to date and it shows. The case itself is made from premium eco-tanned leather with a durable flex polymer, with a polyester microfiber lining that encompasses the phone in a beautifully slim profile.

The case itself offers more of a minimalist approach to the protection of the camera bar and screen but it gets the job done. It provides improved grip thanks to the leather that will also nicely patina or wear over time.

Best of all, the case still allows for wireless charging and Bellroy offers a reassuring 3-year warranty on all purchases. If you are looking for one of the best and most premium cases, this is the one to buy!

dbrand Pixel 6 Pro Case

For those seeking a happy medium between these two, the grip case from dbrand is our favorite daily case.

The dbrand Pixel 6 Pro Case’s precise fit, “clicky buttons,” and military-grade drop resistance combined with a slim profile make it something of a rarity in the case market, striking that perfect balance we so desire in phone protection.

Featuring beautifully crafted microscopic ridges, side grip strips and textured dots all over the phone case’s surface, these are designed to make sure that you keep a good grip on your Pixel 6 Pro. It is unobtrusively well-built, protective, and robust and we love it.

Best of all, besides the added grip, consumers can customize the look of the case with a range of their brilliant vinyl skins and it offers military grade drop resistance reassurance and has very nicely contoured ridges around the camera bar and screen. This is the one to buy if you plan on keeping the device until your next upgrade.

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