Nomad Base One MAX

Do you ever feel like you are constantly looking for a charger to keep your smartphone, smartwatch, and more powered up? We do! While many may argue this is very much a first-world problem, that doesn’t change the fact that it is often inconvenient to have multiple chargers for multiple devices, what if there was a way to combine them all into one? Well, now there is, One Cut favourites Nomad has returned with a brilliant new piece of charging hardware that promises to make juicing up your favourite things easier than ever before!

Made from a stunning all-metal and glass design, the Base One MAX we would argue is the best piece of charging hardware the company has ever made, it is quite striking in the silver variant. Combining official MFi MagSafe charging at up to 15W and similar Qi charging for any compatible smartwatch or including the Apple watch, there is a lot to like about this charging solution from Nomad.

One thing that stands out for us is the added little design and functionality touches that they add, such as the integrated Apple Watch charger that features a protective soft touch charging base that can also power up compatible Airpods. Or the fact that the unit weighs in at a hefty and reassuring 2 pounds and has the MagSafe charging puck slightly elevated to allow you to grab your device and go with ease. Or maybe it’s the glass panel that seems to finish off the device with just the right touch of luxury aesthetically that appeals to the minimalist in all of us.

Nomad once again continues to create intelligent, innovative, and functional products that make our daily lives easier. It is obvious to consumers that they prioritize design and quality over everything else, and for that we are grateful. It isn’t the cheapest charging solution on the market, but it is the most premium and built to last and there is a lot to say about that.

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