Summer break is here, and chances are you are getting ready to dust off that old suitcase and take it to the roads or the skies. However, if you are anything like me, you suck at packing. Yes, you have been shown a hundred different ways to pack properly but, in the end, it all gets shoved into the suitcase without rhyme or reason and is just a plain mess. The folks at OREGAMI luggage, want to help you organize your travel goods with their innovative baggage system that will keep you organized on the go.

Most luggage you have is the same as any other – it may vary some in size, colour, construction, or the number of wheels it has, but other than that, it is what you expect luggage to be. The folks at OREGAMI want to change the way you pack and work tirelessly on innovative designs, new materials, and better methods to create their products.  They simply aren’t interested in making just another piece of luggage, they want travelling to be easier, more efficient, faster, and more convenient.

So, what is OREGAMI luggage you ask? On the outside, this looks and feels like high-end travel gear with a strong polyester outer, some lovely and rugged spinner wheels to glide along through airport terminals with, and even their own patented Quick Access Port – where you can access your things without even opening your bag! However, the real magic is what is inside. Their Fit Plus organizer as it is called is essentially a tri-fold organizational system that essentially allows you to organize your suitcase into subsections. Not only is it removable but you just lift it out of your bag, then unfold it on your bed or dresser to see and get to your things! Once you are done, use the Quick fold handle to fold it up and drop it back in your bag for fast, efficient packing and travelling. It helps keep things safe, organized, and clean and takes away that unnecessary packing anxiety.

One thing we have come to appreciate about their Fit Plus system is that you can take the Organizer Trays apart.  This means for a family with multiple children, for example, you can give everyone their tray to pack. Then, you simply zip them back together, and you’re ready to go. This also makes it much easier to find what you need when you get there. Best of all, the company sells the luggage system in both carry-on and full-size options depending on the adventure you seek.

OREGAMI, have done something that has been lacking in the luggage and travel space for some time, they have reinvented the classic suitcase to be more functional and created a smarter way to pack your belongings and for that reason are worth checking out the next time you plan your great getaway.

*Use promo code: DADGRAD50 for 50% off on the OREGAMI OL100Black and the OREGAMI OL201BK.

Check them out at https://oregamiluggage.com/

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