Withings Scanwatch

There are a lot of ‘smartwatch’ designs on the market today. From button control to touch screen, from a square to a round design or do you choose the one with the biggest screen or something more compact? There just seems to be an endless number of choices out there. However, what if you were seeking a device that looked more like a traditional timepiece but had the necessary smart functionality? That is exactly what the Withings Scanwatch brings to the table with one of their latest releases, it is a watch for those that hate smartwatches.

Let me first start by saying there is a lot to admire about the design of the Scanwatch, with its classical circular watch face, chrome-accented hands, and unique progress dial which indicates how much in a day you have met your fitness goals. To the rest of the world, it looks like a moderately priced watch, it pairs well with a good suit or date night with the wife. However, what makes the Scanwatch so interesting is the unique functionality brought on by clicking the crown. Activate it and you are presented with a beautiful and convenient passive matrix OLED display that can show you pertinent health data tracked by the device, things like your heart rate, step count, distance covered, and floors climbed to give you a snapshot of your day. Sure, it’s a little small, but that is the point. It gives you just what you need to know to be able to move on confidently with the rest of your day. We love it!

I am also a big fan of the included black fluoroelastomer wristband which is incredibly comfortable and durable plus the 42mm size watch face strikes the perfect balance of not too small and not too big for a man or woman’s wrist, it is a true goldilocks device – size wise. Designed to be a watch first and a smartwatch second, at this point it is also worth mentioning that there is no support for NFC mobile payments, no microphone or speaker for calls or voice assistants, and no support for music playback. Phone and text notifications come through just fine on the small OLED display in a Wall Street-like ticker scroll but that is it, and for some, that will be enough.

Through the very intuitive Withings Healthmate app, users can use the built-in heart rate sensor to take metrics for things like atrial fibrillation through the built-in electrocardiogram sensor, measure blood oxygen levels with the SpO2 sensor and share this data easily with health professionals. You also get a slew of fitness tracking features such as daily step goals, distance, and calories you’ve burned, and even record up to 40 different kinds of workouts. It does work competently but the real kick to the nuts is that the watch does not have built-in GPS and is dependent on the device it is paired with, so unfortunately you must work out outdoors with your device on you. Having said that, the app makes up for some of these shortcomings by offering consumers the ability to track additional measurements over time, you can input your weight, blood pressure, and body temperature manually in the app. Best of all, this accumulation of data over time prompts the app to offer straightforward advice on how to improve overall health and we think that is very clever.  Lastly, Sleep is tracked automatically when you climb into bed, and the app produces a graph showing the depth of your sleep and any periods of wakefulness. You can also see sleep duration, regularity, heart rate data, and a sleep apnea rating. The data is combined to give you a sleep score out of 100.

While the Withings Scanwatch may not be the smartwatch of your dreams, it offers more than enough for those who want a stylish timepiece on their wrist first and smart functionality second. The best thing about the watch is its incredible battery life, offering up to 30 days on a single charge – take that Apple! So, if you are looking for a long-lasting, durable, and timelessly fashionable device to adorn your wrist and don’t ‘need’ a smartwatch, this is the one for you!

BUY yours here – https://amzn.to/3kNuxUY


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