Airthings View Plus – Air Quality Monitor

With Spring and allergy season upon us, monitoring the quality of the air in your home has never been more important.  It is essential to ensure that the air in your home is free of harmful contaminants. The View Plus from Airthings makes this easier than ever with their wireless air quality monitor that alerts you when the quality of the air in your home is not optimal.

Established in 2008, Airthings was founded with an inventive spirit and an ambitious objective: to offer accurate, user-friendly radon detectors to the masses, making them as common as smoke detectors. Their goal is to educate on the prevalence of radon, as well as other indoor air contaminants, and develop accessible technology solutions to help people stay healthy.

The beautifully minimal View Plus is an oval-shaped monitor with a clean matte white finish that can be placed anywhere in your home and is powered by a battery or USB-C cable and can be used to detect and measure levels of carbon dioxide, particulate matter, radon, and more using multiple sensors embedded in the device.

The front houses a 2.9-inch LCD panel that displays multiple in-home measurements and is flanked by 2 LED lights above it. A simple wave of your hand in front of the monitor will display readings of the quality of the air. If the LED glows green when the air quality is good, yellow when it is fair, and red when it is poor. The screen also displays a good, fair, or poor status. It is also worth noting that besides the air quality metrics mentioned above, the View Plus is also capable of taking air pressure, humidity, and temperature readings in your home and connects to the internet Wi-Fi to provide current outdoor conditions in your area, which is a nice addition. The View Plus also supports Amazon Alexa and Google and works with IFTTT.

All the information gathered in your home is collated in the very intuitive Airthings mobile app. Here you can find real-time and long-term measurements of the quality of the air as well as things like battery life. This is displayed in a very useful larger color-coded circle with all readings gathered from the multiple sensors on the device and their expected thresholds. This data can also instantly be pushed to your smartphone if a threshold is breached.

To sum up, air quality is not something most people worry about on a day-to-day basis but if you suffer from asthma, or allergies or live in an area with dangerously high air pollution levels maybe it is time you start being more proactive about what goes into your lungs, and this, is a good starting point.

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