Expain Relax Neck & Shoulders

Expain, a Norwegian company, want to rid you of discomfort and bring the soothing pain relief that a masseuse can bring with their line of personal massage products that can give you a new, pain free lease on life.

Inspired by the unwieldy equipment physiotherapists use on their patients, two brothers, Thomas, and Einar, believed they could design and build smaller, cheaper, and easier to use products thus making this type pf equipment more accessible to the public. This along with numerous research on muscle activity and pain, sustained muscle activity pain plus Biofeedback as a pain relief treatment, Expain products were born.

With many pain relief products available including devices to massage the back, lower leg and even their new line of Change products for the arm and shoulders, we were given the opportunity to try their Expain Relax Neck & Shoulders device. Ironically, the day we had received it, I had just spent a long 12-hour day at my desk and my shoulders and neck were very fatigued. Perfect for testing.

There virtually was no set up, the figure-eight shaped neck and shoulder unit comes with two heavy duty nylon straps at each end that you use to wrap around your neck and shoulders and pull to fasten to your body. Expain Relax Neck & Shoulders was very easy to use and it took only a few seconds to learn how to use it. You turn on the unit by holding the power button for 3 seconds. With a short push of the same button you can change from soft to hard massage by changing the direction of the massage heads. The light is purple when soft massage and blue when hard massage and red when charging is needed. Charging is done with micro USB, so you can literally charge and use the product at your work station.

One thing we really liked about the Expain Neck & Shoulders was that the massage heads are heated, which does aid in loosening up stiff muscles, increasing blood circulation and removing impurities. It is also worth noting that this model can also be used on other parts of the body such as shoulders, back, thighs and more due to its clever universal design.

Expain, have brought to the market an affordable personal massage device that really does alleviate muscle discomfort and pain without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a massage therapist or worse a gaudy massage chair.

Get yourself some pain relief at http://www.expain.com

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