Mugsy Jeans!

For a long time now, the world of fashion has had the epitome of a storm cloud hovering over the jean industry. If you have tried buying some denim recently, there seems to be no consistency when it comes to size, wear ability, wash ability and sadly comfort. However, brace yourselves, because we have seen the light through the darkness, we have discovered what may be the last pair of jeans you ever buy because we are confident in saying that the revolution is now with none other than Mugsy Jeans.

For many men, the go to denim jean of choice is the straight leg or standard fit. A boxy, non-flattering affair that only looks good a few times and then stretch out and loose any resemblance of shape. Then, there was the invention of the skinny jean, a tight, crotch hugging and damn right uncomfortable take on making us look like we are wearing leggings – no thanks! Mugsy Jeans want to buck the trend and were born from the necessity to find a slim, clean, and stylish fit that leaves room for the twig and berries and more importantly is supremely comfortable!

We were given the opportunity to see if the myth of the perfect fit jean existed with their Studio blue and Fulton variants. One thing worth mentioning from the get go, is the very simple and effective sizing variants Mugsy uses. First there is the slim fit – catering to those who seek a not too baggy, not too tight middle ground approach to their denim. Then, there is the athletic fit – a loose yet tailored look suitable for those who seek a little extra room but without the bagginess.

Their Studio Blues jeans, are a super dark monochromatic blue jean that are very soft and made from Mugsy’s own proprietary flexible denim. We couldn’t find out exactly what that consisted of, but darn did they feel good. With that great stretchy fit, it felt as good as wearing a pair of sweatpants but with a lot more style! The Fulton’s were a similar affair but with some natural fading and whiskering that gave them a more classic worn denim look that was attractive and fit great.

One thing we really love about Mugsy jeans is the inclusion of some deeper pockets allowing one to easily carry their cellphone, wallet, keys, and the like. Also, the naturally tapered look and no shrink guarantee promise really flatters the person wearing them, despite height or weight. So much so, that we were told many times by our female staff that our butt looked great in Mugsy Jeans. We really can’t overstate just how perfect these jeans feel on. They truly do not feel like anything else we have ever worn! After having our reviewers wear them exclusively for a week straight, they all agreed that it would be hard to ever go back to a regular denim jean again, the comfort level is just not the same.

In closing, it is fair to say that Mugsy Jeans have brought the world of men’s fashion: hope. They have reaffirmed that good companies can still make great products that stand up to what life can throw at them, while feeling superior in comfort and built to last the long haul. So, go to your wardrobe right now, grab those old, faded denim relics, sacrifice them to the gods and do yourself a favor and buy something that fits and feels right.

BUY yours here – Mugsy Jeans – Studio Blues Slim Fit


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