Mark Lumber – Handcrafted baseball bats

Batter up! Whether you are a baseball fan; seeking the perfect weapon to deter home intruders or simply just appreciate the craft of creating a beautiful piece of hard wear, Mark Lumber, bring a refined, authentic, and durable take on the manufacturing of professional grade Hard-Maple bats.

Handmade from beautiful maple trees from North America, each bat and subsequent piece of wood is thoroughly inspected for everything from grain tightness, alignment and even billet to ensure you are getting a quality wooden bat that allows you to step up to the plate with confidence, poise, and power. While most bats in the game of baseball nowadays are made from composite materials, this throw back to the days of old, mean that when you hit that elusive home run, you get that beautiful ‘crack’ of the bat hitting the ball as it leaves the stadium, and that we love!

Founded on his love for driving the ball, founder Mark Bourgeois, made it his mission to learn the mechanics of the swing and has turned that knowledge into the engineering of some seriously well-crafted pieces of wood.

While we may not all be baseball players at One Cut, we have heard great things about Mark and his company and we were given the opportunity to review his Pro Limited Series bat. The beautiful 100% maple construction with it’s high strength, high gloss post-catalyzed two-part topcoat make this a sight to see. It was so eye catching, we didn’t want to use it and could have easily had a new art piece in the office. Nonetheless, we took it to down to our local baseball diamond and had a lot of fun driving some balls to the outfield and beyond. We especially loved the unique One Cut Reviews silver customization and two-tone aesthetic, also available to consumers. In fact, the biggest plus of Mark’s Lumber is the ability for users to make the bat to order with things such as model, length, weight, colors, engraving, logo and so on.

If you are a fan of the sport of Baseball and want to take your game to the next level, then you too, need a bat from none other than Mark Lumber.

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