Daard iby6 Carry-On

Traveling during the holiday season is a harrowing experience that is only suitable for the most accustomed of travelers. Daard, wants to help you travel smarter, with their iby6 – a lightweight carry-on that enables you to have more space at your disposal with optimal volume and overcome the stress of security checks while still providing durability in a product that stands out from the crowd of suitcases.

Being toted as the first 6-wheel suitcase that is self-standing horizontally and can support its own weight, the Italian made iby6 has been designed from the ground up to offer better weight balance and smoother mobility around crowded airports. The narrow form factor, premium ultra quiet wheels and soft front handle make this look and feel premium. In fact, the elimination of the classic telescopic handle option also allows more volume in the case overall and we must admit, we do like Daard’s execution on this one. It is a more convenient nay more comfortable option.

A big selling feature for us is the quite brilliant complete opening system on both sides of the case, making it very convenient to access and remove objects in the lower portion of the case without having to lay it flat, unzip and re-zip. Speaking of zips, they are of equal high quality and custom-produced by YKK to offer guaranteed reliability. Also, worth noting is the clever waterproof honeycomb outer construction that is washable and hard-wearing.

Last and most likely the best feature of Daard’s iby6 is what they call their top intelligent compartment, a clever storage solution built into the top of the case that allows you to access your laptop easily at security check points, you simply lift it out and then store it safely again once you are done. This one really is a game changer and speeds up those annoying travelers who take forever to take their laptop from bags and briefcases.

Daard, have hit a home run with their iby6. For anyone that wants a more convenient traveling experience that is not hindered by common problems plaguing other carry-ons then you need to get your hands on one today.

Check them out at http://www.daard.com

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