Soundots – Modular Bluetooth Speaker

Most Bluetooth speakers tend to be a hit or miss when it comes to the quality of sound they can produce. Often they are an uninspiring plastic build, do not carry enough volume or have a “tinny” sound that lacks base and tone. The creators of Soundots, want to change the way we think about our audio, with a world first modular speaker system where the quality of sound increases dramatically with each new speaker that is added.

This one of a kind scalable and flexible system features a Scandinavian design built from quality stainless steel and aluminum and is suitably weighty. The front steel mesh is additionally lined with a row of LED lights that encase the rectangular structure of the speaker while the front grill hides a pair of front firing tweeters and a similar structure on the back is home to the bass radiator. Speaking of the rear of the speaker, you will find the usual array of control buttons with the added inclusion of a simple touch/swipe control that can also be used to set the ambient lighting, display battery and so forth; plus an AC and AUX jack.

The magic of the Soundots speaker is exactly that, the – Soundots, meaning each system is able to communicate with each other via the four holes located on the top, bottom, left and right side of the speakers. The inbuilt 100Mhz processor powers what they call their AiFi® patented artificial intelligence technology that enables all of their products to be aware of their position, the current configuration of the stack and the specific task of each unit. This makes it possible to transfer up to 192 kHz / 24-bit sound between any units touching each other – completely wireless.

In fact, this technology is so smart that it determines how the sound should be played and sends that information to the digital signal processor (DSP). A single Soundots unit plays in stereo. When placed next to each other in even numbers, the audio is distributed into channels (left and right) and when horizontal, enables a powerful soundbar-mode. The speakers can be connected via Bluetooth or via line-in connections, or a combination of the two. As long as the speakers are synced, they’ll operate as one unit.

As far as sound goes, as a single Bluetooth speaker this is most likely best in class but the real magic is when they are paired in 2 or more. In our case, we had three of them stacked vertically and the depth of sound, volume, tonal balance and overall quality was nothing short of astounding. This of course is helped by Soundots own Sound Dimension® technology that reconstructs the three essential dimensions of sound: the tonal dimension, the dynamic dimension and the spatial dimension resulting in true 32-bit to high-end audio quality. For those that are also interested, the Soundots can play high-resolution audio — like FLAC, AIFF and WAV files meaning a very crisp audio reproduction.

To top things off, Soundots also has its own proprietary app that allows handsfree control of volume, LED lighting and audio source. Nothing too special but nice to have. Lastly, battery life was also admirable, in our testing we achieved about 7 hours at full tilt but is rated for 10 hours by the company, circumstances may vary.

While Soundots may in fact be the best, nay the coolest Bluetooth speaker you can buy, we do wish the price was a little more affordable for the average consumer. At a massive $870 for a set of three, an argument could be made for other more economical choices, however, you would be missing out on superior audio and modular capability. So, if you are like us and dream of a Marty McFly early morning jam out and mind blowing audio experience, get your Soundots today!

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