D-Link COVR AC1200 Seamless WiFi System

With so many connected devices in our home nowadays, the importance of a strong home Wifi signal could not be more important. The simple fact of the matter is – traditional routers and extenders simply do not give the seamless whole home experience we all so desperately crave. Traditional networking setups in a home are often plagued with poor connectivity and even the dreaded “black spot” where no signal can reach. With D-links COVR system, they want to literally cover your entire home with strong, fast and reliable Wifi.

The COVR system works like many other mesh networking options, with a central node that connects to your internet modem via Ethernet cable and 2 other COVR points placed in the fartherest corners of your home that seamlessly connect to each other and broadcasts a WiFi signal that literally blankets your entire home. The Dual-band system offers a combined 1.2 Gbits of speed over both the 2.4 and 5ghz bands that can cover a home up to a massive 5000sq ft.

If we delve deeper inside the COVR system, we can see that D-link really has included some powerful innovative technology to offer a reliable connected experience. Once the unit is setup very easily using the downloadable app or web interface, it creates a single SSID that the user can connect to, very different from the router and extender combination that meant you had to constantly switch WiFi networks depending on where you were in the home. In our testing, we had a continuous strong signal which was thanks in part to the COVR’s 2×3 Rx antennas built into each node and with Dlink’s Smart Steering, the system automatically directed each connected device to the optimal wireless band.


Another highlight of the system is the use of Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) which sends data to multiple devices simultaneously to increase speed and efficiency. Your laptop, tablet, media player and game console can all receive data at the same time, with no need to wait in turn. This also means that the COVR system systematically responds to the need for speed in the modern home as consumers perform more data- intensive tasks on their Wi-Fi connected devices.

Aesthetically, it is worth noting that each COVR unit features a customizable colour plate so users can change the look of each unit to suit the decor of their home. Most importantly though, is that each node has not one but two Ethernet ports, which is definitely a welcome addition and not usual with mesh systems. This means users can free up wireless bandwidth by choosing Gigabit wired Ethernet connections for your gaming consoles, network-attached storage, and smart TVs. The inclusion of a WPS button on each COVR also allows easy one touch pairing with smart devices.


However, the cherry on top, and our favourite feature is definitely the Parental Controls that can be used to restrict network access to client devices. This gives users greater control over their network and with the ability to set schedules, users can also give client devices access to the whole home network only at certain times of their choosing. Teens may have to learn what the outside looks like again, and we are OK with that.

The D-Link COVR system is a strong competitor in what is becoming a crowded field of home mesh WiFi systems. With a Tri-band version on the horizon, D-Link continues to prove its prominence in the home networking market offering home owners an affordable option that gives consistent seamless WiFi connectivity over the entire home.

BUY your COVR System HERE.


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