Cut to It! Four new products you have to see to believe

We review so many products here at One Cut Reviews but occasionally a few will really grab our attention. These new product offerings are weird, wonderful and wicked in their own way, but we think you, our readers, will love them.

Mighty JAXX XXray


In what could be the most unique product to stumble across our desks this Summer, the award-winning design studio Mighty JAXX that specializes in developing art collectibles is back. Their limited-edition collectibles are designed in collaboration with world renowned artists worldwide and have worked with many big international brands like Warner Bros.

Their 4-inch PVC anatomical characters stand at 4 inches tall, revealing their skeleton and guts to the world, like looking through an x-ray. We are quite fond of their wave 2 XXRAY Looney Tunes series with famous classic characters like Marvin the Martian, Daffy Duck and Tasmanian Devil in Jason Freeny’s classic dissected style.

Freeny’s creates smart, intricate works that tickle the deviant intellect through a mix of hard graphics, detailed anatomy, pop iconography and wit but most of all just loo awesome on any bookshelf! These are a real eye catcher.



How much does it suck when you realize you lost a button from your favorite shirt or blouse? Or perhaps you want to stylize an existing outfit by replacing the buttons with a different color motif, either way you are going to love Fast Button.

Created by Fulvio Buonavoglia, an inventor from Bergamo (Italy), with FastButton, you can sew a button in less than a minute, and it’s so resistant that you’ll never have to resew the button again. It works like a nylon tie, it simply slips through from under the fabric, passes through the button holes and it locks into its small plate hidden beneath the fabric.

The two and four-hole button options are perfect for travel or the fashion emergency and we like to always be prepared.

Kusa Grass Flip Flops


Do you love the feeling of fresh glass between your toes and under your feet? Well now you can have that feeling all the time with Kusa’s Grass Flip Flops.

The Flip flops feature Syn-Turf (synthetic turf) on top of a standard rubber flip flop that conforms to and is naturally shaped by the individual contours of your feet.

The surprisingly comfortable Summer essential has different color options available and because this type of footwear is so unique, it makes a statement for the person wearing them.

Nutsac Satchel by Nutsac bags


Probably the greatest name ever for a bag company, the American made Nutsac Bag company are leading the man-bag revolution by creating great bags at a fair price, a price that reflects the quality and effort that goes into their products.

Made Using high-quality materials and sewing, their Satchel features a lifetime warranty and is made from beautiful full grain leather and waxed canvas, features a heavy cotton strap which is ideal for long commutes and and can fit a standard sized tablet and much more.

We are big fans of the Indian Jones like aesthetic, the roomy interior and feel like the build may in fact last you a lifetime and can hold up to the daily grind very well.

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