Vitagene – Hack your DNA!

What if there was a way to analyze your genetic makeup and lifestyle choices to better determine your approach to health and wellness? This dream has been made a reality by Vitagene; they specialize in providing easy, affordable access to genetic information and personalized guidance on how to use it, to help individuals make educated and proactive lifestyle choices leading to better health outcomes.


Founded in 2014, through the study of genetics, bioinformatics, data analytics and machine learning they can evaluate a person’s DNA sample and use their own proprietary algorithm to compare the results to a comprehensive database of the world’s latest research on genomics, nutrition and exercise. Therefore, providing sound personalized nutrition, fitness plans and an ancestry report and using their easy to use online dashboard, users’ plans are also adjusted regularly according to changes in their lifestyle habits and changes to their medical profile.

Getting started could not have been easier, a DNA sample kit is mailed out to you. You simply follow the step by step instructions where you swab your mouth twice and place it in the prepaid mailer and complete the online health questionnaire. Four to six weeks later, your data has been analyzed by a clinical lab and a personal supplementation plan, diet recommendations and a nutritional consult are provided based on your Vitagene profile. You can also order a health report with your DNA profile to discover your optimal diet, exercise, and supplementation.


The results Vitagene provides their users truly is second to none, for me personally, I learned what type of exercise is most fitting for my body and the results allowed me to make the right changes to my nutrition removing most dairy products I consume, as I discovered I had mild intolerance to products of this nature. This has had a tremendous impact on my overall wellness and has made me feel energized to really care more for my body.

Vitagene, is a truly unique offering in this space. They want to make you feel better and provide users with incredible insight into what their body needs, from the inside out. For that reason, if you want the right data to make changes to your overall health, then look no further than Vitagene!

BUY yours here – Vitagene DNA Test Kit: Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Reports


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