For those that love cycling or mountain biking, you know all too well that it is cumbersome to have to change your tires to meet the terrain of your next ride. Retyre, want to change all that and help you find the right grip for the right occasion with their Modular Tire System with integrated zippers, allowing you to change the surface of your tires in seconds.

The Retyre, is essentially a rubber skin that is installed over your existing tire and is fastened at both ends with a zipper arrangement. You simply attach a new skin whenever needed allowing riders to adapt to unpredictable weather and road conditions – year-round. They are also made from a very eco-friendly natural rubber that provides low rolling resistance.


There are three different variants of the Retyre to best suit different types of riders. You have the versatile All Terrain skin, that offers very good grip especially on wet surfaces. A Trail X Skin for the extreme off-road riders with its wide and coarse tread pattern providing excellent traction. Lastly, the Urban Winter skin, which as the name suggests is perfect in those much cooler conditions and features 156 lightweight carbide and aluminum studs for excellent grip on icy surfaces.

After trying the Retyre this past few months, conceptually this is a great idea. We love that you can adapt your existing ride to the conditions without the expense and impact on our natural environment. However, it must be noted that installation is not as simple as it looks and requires a serious exercise in patience. There was very little literature on how to install the skins besides some ambiguous YouTube videos and there is a desperate need for step by step, clear installation instructions. While we did eventually get the hang of it, there was a lot of trial, error and time spent.


The Retyre, is going to appeal to those that love being on two wheels rather than four and have more than basic knowledge of cycling and bicycle maintenance. It is by no means a bad product, in fact, it is very good and the skins are extremely well made. We just hope to see a more user friendly way for installation to be explained.

The Retyre is available now at

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