One Cut’s 12 Days of Christmas: Day 7

With Christmas approaching, we have compiled our favorite products from this past year that not only are great gifts or stocking stuffers but will also make your loved ones very happy this holiday season.

Day 7: Slidebelts


While you may be loosening up your belt a few notches this Christmas, it always nice when a classic product is innovated and makes it even easier to do so.

The Slidebelt, works by forgoing the use of holes and instead uses an array of teeth sewn into the underside of the belt strap. A tab in the buckle engages with the teeth and locks in, like how a zip tie operates. The patented frame release lever then allows the belt to easily come free when in the open position. This not only allows for best fit, but the leather lasts longer and is less prone to stretching and tearing.


One thing we really love about the Slidebelt is that the belt itself arrives in a standard 48-inch sizing and can be cut to size for the perfect fit based on your waistline – no matter how much it expands after the festive feast! This also means that users can customize and swap out the buckle with ease, if needed.

The belt itself is also incredibly well made, constructed from premium genuine leather that is soft yet supple and has a great texture, it feels more expensive than it actually is! Also to note, if leather is not your thing they also offer canvas and even animal friendly alternatives.


If you are looking for a great gift that Santa himself would likely wear, then Slidebelts are definitely worth checking out!

BUY yours here – SlideBelts Men’s Vegan Leather Belt without Holes – Gunmetal Buckle/Black Leather (Trim-to-fit: Up to 48″ Waist)

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