Product Spotlight August: Back to School Ready

Once a month at One Cut Reviews, we take a handful of products that have caught our attention recently and will shine a light on them and their merits. These products are fighting for the attention of the average consumer and can be weird and wonderful, but most importantly, are great value for money. Here are our finds for June to get you Back to School Ready!

Gravity X Car Mount

Screenshot_2019-08-11 Gravity X Car Phone Mount

For those University or College bound students traveling back to school after visiting family this Summer, road safety is paramount and when your eyes should be on the road and not on your phone, a good car mount is pivotal.

The award-winning Gravity X Car Mount is unlike other mounts for your smartphone and can mount to any flat part of your dashboard trim thanks to its use of innovative non-marring 3M adhesive strips. This means you no longer must fumble your way through clipping it to an air vent or fighting with suction cups that don’t stick!

The Mount itself is also reassuringly sturdy and uses plain old physics to keep your phone secure. That’s right, it simply slides into the angled hook and the device’s own weight puts light pressure on the gecko silicone pad against the screen thus immobilizing the device under normal driving conditions. One thing we just love with the Gravity X is that it is also incredibly easy to dismount when its time to depart your vehicle, as there is no Clamps, magnets or any moving parts to break.

Catalyst Impact Protection Case for the Apple Watch


If you were lucky enough to get your hands on the latest Apple Watch, that larger screen needs some serious protection if you want to keep it looking fresh, our go to suggestion must be the Impact Protection case by Catalyst.

This ingenious all in one case is not some flimsy plastic protector or bulky industrial looking beast that ruins the aesthetics of the watch, in fact it strikes the perfect balance between form, function and protection.

Offering a seriously impressive 9.9ft (3m) of drop protection, this feather-light case is a case and hypoallergenic band in one. The dual layer construction is reassuring and the often-overlooked raised bezels keep important watch components – the display, optical heart rate sensor, and digital crown –fully protected from bumps, knocks and drops.

If you are a bit clumsy like us and like to bang your wrist and watch into doors and walls, this will help soften the impact, it should be noted though that a screen protector is still suggested, and Catalyst has those too!

Hexgears Nova Mechanical Keyboard


When that pesky class work starts rolling in, you need a high quality and responsive keyboard to help master the transmission of thought from brain to screen. The Nova by Hexgears should be on your list!

This full metal keyboard features a CNC machined aluminum chassis with customizable bright per-key RGB with outer light ring, and shine-through keycaps that just looks great and really lightens up the room. We recently found this especially useful during our late-night writing sessions.

Its svelte size also made our desk layout more aesthetically friendly and we are huge fans of just how responsive each key press is, thanks in part to Hexgears’ inclusion of Kailh Box switches that are rated for 80 million presses — significantly above the industry standard. They also come equipped with drainage ports and self-cleaning assemblies to ensure long lifetimes. Lastly, the use of Clicky Box switches gives that signature mechanical keyboard noise we all love, and they also have a nicer tactile response.

This plug and play solution provides a luxurious, high performance gaming keyboard for everyone.

Darn Tough Socks


Albert Einstein once said “When I was young, I found out that the big toe always ends up making a hole in a sock. So, I stopped wearing socks.” If you are traversing campus this September, you need a reliable pair of socks that you will never need to worry about because they have a lifetime guarantee. You need a pair of Darn Tough Socks.

With the promise of being the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks you have ever owned, Darn Tough socks are made in the U S of A and are tested in all kinds of conditions to ensure durability for the end user.

Made from ethically sourced, breathable and super soft Merino wool, each pair of socks is naturally antimicrobial repelling bacteria and odor but also uber comfortable with its fine gauge seamless knit. Best of all, the fit is on point with no slipping, no bunching, and of course – no blisters.

Each style of sock created by their team is made to purpose. In fact, they have socks for everyone including runners, hikers, skiers and even work. Available in full, crew and quarter lengths with various colorways and patterns available, you are guaranteed to find something to your liking!

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