Spence Up Suspenders

Wearing suspenders is the kind of dapper accessory the modern man needs to give his wardrobe and business attire that extra pop! Unfortunately, they haven’t changed all that much in the past 150 years, however, the folks at Spence Up are on a different kind of mission, one that sees them reinventing this into a modern classic by constructing them out of silk ties.

Proudly made in the USA, the concept behind this unique offering is brilliantly simple, take two opposing or matching patterned ties and use them as the straps for a pair of suspenders. Made to be worn with or without a suit jacket or even with jeans and a casual T-Shirt, these are a way for you to stand out with a classy yet fun and fashionable accessory to compliment your outfit.

One thing we appreciate about the Spence Up suspenders is that they are made for men and women but also that they are much more comfortable that the classic nylon suspenders we all love and know. Not only do they conform more to the shoulder and chest shape of the consumer, there is also some very nice high-quality stitching, an embossed leather logo patch and laser etched clips that are reliable and strong.

After using the product this past month and while we can appreciate that the tie and suspenders have long been fashion basics, this is a tough one for us to get our head around – sadly, we just don’t get it! Sure, they are more comfortable and are in fact a well-made product, but we can’t help thinking these don’t look a little goofy. Chalk it up to a lack of fashion sense from a guy with a dad bod and acid washed denim but I am sure there is a market for this among the 18-25-year-old age bracket but everyone else, we are just not sure they will buy into it.

Spence Up have a new and unique niche product here, there will be some that love this idea as a new take on an old classic but for us, we will have to revisit this in 6 months time and just keep using our belt.

Get yours at https://spenceup.com/

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