You’ve probably heard of the children’s book – Everybody Poops – by Japanese author Taro Gomi. In it, she chronicles how different animals defecate in different shapes and sizes, even humans! However, pooping isn’t always a satisfying experience for all, however, that’s all about to change with: Stuul, a wellness product that promises that you will feel more relieved than ever after you buy one.

Ex U.S. president Jimmy Carter said it best, after battling haemorrhoids most of life, that “humans are meant to squat in the field” and he’s not wrong, in fact, there is much literature out there proving that the best way to eliminate waste from the body is by squatting and not sitting. The makers of Stuul, aimed to provide a solution to consumers that not only was discrete and minimalist in design but provided a simple footstool, put in front of the toilet, that forces us into a healthier squat position.

Now, before you dismiss this product like we almost did, there is some sound science behind this theory. The puborectalis muscle forms a sling around the lower rectum to prevent the sphincter from too much strain, however, when we are in a normal seated position on the toilet, it tightens this muscle like a bend in a garden hose, causing blockage to the rectum. Being in a squatting position, relaxes the puborectalis and makes it easier, faster and a healthier way to eliminate waste.

While, there are competitor products out there that do something similar, none look quite as discrete and may we even say sexy than Stuul does, in fact it won an IDA Design Award in 2019. We love that it is composed of 100% recyclable materials and is made from two individual foot stools that can be inserted into each other to make an interesting form, texture and shape that is appealing to look at from all angles and purposefully underlines its innovative character.

To sum up, while we won’t go into the finer details of our time with Stuul, we will say that these types of products unequivocally work and have been proven to treat ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids and even chronic bowel diseases. Yes, it’s true that everybody poops, but with Stuul it will make you pooping experience even better and we are definitely ok with that.

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