Airbolt Smart Lock

We all love to travel and do so safely, however, many of us rely on cheap padlocks (often ones that come free with the luggage) to keep our things safe, praying and hoping that it will prevent would-be thieves from accessing our goods. The team at Airbolt wants you to rethink personal security and have reimagined the travel lock for the 21st century equipping it with all the tools necessary to keep your prized possessions safe when you’re on the move.

The Airbolt is all about making traveling safer, whether it is by land, sea, or air. This Bluetooth-powered smart lock is made from heavy-duty die-cast zinc and a stainless-steel cable and like most conventional padlocks feels very secure, but it also brings some welcome smart features to make your luggage more secure and trackable at every step of your journey.

This advanced device allows users to remote tap to lock and auto-unlock (when near a trusted device) through their proprietary app.  So, no more fumbling for a tiny irreplaceable key during luggage checks. Speaking of which, the Airbolt is also fully compliant with TSA protocols and for quick access, you can even set a unique tap to unlock pattern which can be entered on the lock itself which we think is quietly brilliant.

Also of note is that the Airlock always knows the exact situation of your luggage, avoiding unpleasant surprises upon arrival at your destination. You can also view a log of where and when your luggage was locked or unlocked and even share access to the lock and its location data with friends and family.

Our favorite feature though must be the option to have the smart lock notify your connected device if you stray too far from your luggage or if someone has taken something that is not theirs, which is an excellent feature for the absent-minded. Through the app, you can even control the distance at which you should be notified. If that is not enough peace of mind, the Airbolt also has a terrifyingly loud alarm which should alert pretty much everybody that someone has taken your bag.

To sum up, we love it when companies innovate and create better versions of existing products. With up to 12 months battery life per charge, AES 128-bit encryption in every lock, and a weather-resistant design this is the ultimate travel tool for those that should care about the security and location of their luggage when traveling the world.

BUY yours here – AIRBOLT Smart Lock – Keyless Traveling, Luggage, Backpack, Locker, Gym Lock – TSA Approved, Bluetooth Lock, Rechargable, Crowd GPS, Control and Unlock with a Smartphone – Cape Cod Grey


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