Pitaka MagEZ Case and Slider for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

One thing we can all agree on is that the most premium Android phone available to buy right now is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the latest in a long line of great releases from the company. The 6.8-inch behemoth of a phone packs a gorgeous screen, professional-grade cameras, and a massive 5000Mah battery. All these features also come at a premium price, and if you are lucky enough to be able to afford one then you need a great case and charger to protect and power up your new smartphone, and no one does it better than Pitaka.

The MagEZ Case 2, is made from durable aramid fiber paired with Pitaka’s tactile 3D grip technology to offer a super slim form factor that is unobtrusive but brings some welcome grip to your slippery candy bar phone. Flawlessly designed to offer convenient access to all ports and buttons and protection for your camera bump, the case also features a polished edge to not interfere with swiping which we love but even better is the inclusion of what was once an exclusive Apple-only feature – Magsafe. A convenient and easy way to mount your phone magnetically in your car or charge your phone at home, MagSafe, is a form of induction charging, that is compatible with Qi charging, a standard used by many tech firms to provide cable-free charging. Both use a pad with a transmitting coil, and a receiving coil in devices, to transfer electrical current and power up your smartphone. This new technology reimagines a cable-free world and we love it as much as we did when it was released back in 2020.

To accompany this stunning case is the MagEZ Slider, Pitaka’s solution to most smartphones these days shipping without a charging brick in the box (cue – chorus of boos). Their brilliant solution is a rotating 3-in-1 Magsafe compatible charging stand complete with a magnetic power bank for you to take with you when you are on the move for a remote powerup. The slim magnetic power bank features a 4000mah battery that attaches to your phone using Magsafe technology and essentially is like having a battery case when you need it most. When you don’t need it, you simply slide it back into the charging dock, and using pass-through technology, the compact wireless charging stand will charge both your power bank and phone at the same time! It is such a brilliant solution for those who rely on their devices heavily during a busy workday. Of note is also a 5-watt type-C port built into the side to further charge other devices like headphones or smartwatches quickly. Put plainly, there is not a single more versatile charger on the market today, it is the only one we wholeheartedly can recommend to all.

To sum up, Pitaka continues to impress with its line of slim, robust cases and innovative charging solutions for most modern smartphones. From design to functionality, if you are planning on a new phone upgrade this year, look no further than Pitaka when it comes to your accessory needs.

Get yours at https://global.ipitaka.com/

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