TRIWA Solar watch

In the throwaway society we live in, it is easy to buy something knowing we will just upgrade or dispose of it a few years later. However, this wasn’t always the case, once upon a time products were built to last. The folks at Triwa are trying to embody this spirit with a watch that is not only robust but likely will stay charged forever. Their new solar watch is one of the very few products we have come across this year that will keep on ticking for years to come, and we love it. Let’s find out why.

For the unaccustomed, Triwa designs watches with stories that transcend style, trends, and status that they hope can highlight important issues of our time. They work with innovative materials, organizations, and ambassadors that care about making the world a little better. Hoping to be part of the solution rather than the problem, this vision inspires the company to explore how they can create something that makes a statement, is sustainable, gives back, and looks good too.

Their Solar watch is a new addition to their incredible line of wristwatches and is made from recycled materials and robust stainless steel with an aesthetic that is guaranteed to appeal to the most discerning of buyers. With a generous 38mm watch face made from sturdy mineral glass and paired with a 20mm recycled PET canvas watch strap or leather option, this svelte and unassuming little timepiece just looks incredible. It comes in a variety of watch face colors and band combinations, but we are not opposed to all black variants.

The watch is powered by VS22B Solar movement which means it can charge the battery with the power of the sun and/or artificial power and is so energy efficient that it can run in the dark for several months without any source of light and keep time. There is also some reassuring 5 ATM water resistance so it can take on everything daily life throws at it and more. This homage to solar technology is the watch we need to feel good about ourselves in 2022.

We are big fans of the size and durability but also welcome the change of not having to charge our smartwatch every day because the power of the sun can do it for us. The solar watch from Triwa not only looks great but is made from sustainable materials, something that we appreciate about this company. So, if you are looking for a classic, well-made, and lasting time timepiece for your wrist, look no further.

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